How to hide your Instagram stories from certain followers

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Instagram is one of social networks most used around the world. Whether you are an influencer, artist, handyman, make-up artist, shopkeeper, or even a housewife, you’ve probably tried to publish your stories on Instagram.

Some like to share all the details of their life with all their subscribers. Others are more discreet and avoid exposing their private life to everybody. If you too want to hide your stories from certain subscribers, this article will be useful to you.

The Instagram stories have become a hobby for many of us. We take in Photo or in video all the moments of our day, even the most mundane. Isn’t that magnificent? Our stories are there to remind us of the good memories, our success, our challenges overcome and all what matters to us. However, sometimes you want to keep a few stories just to yourself. Maybe you prefer them share with some subscribers and not others. You are right !

Follow the reading to find out how to hide our stories Instagram to some followers.

Hide stories from the interface itself

Once you have published your story, you can choose the subscribers to whom you want to allow to see your posts.

  • You must, first of all, press on your story, then on the three vertical points at the bottom of the screen.
  • From the list of options, choose Stories settings.
  • Now press Hide story in order to select the people for whom you want hide your stories.

The previous method allows you to filter the users who are already following you in order to choose who can see your stories. But, if you want to prevent people who do not follow you view your stories, you just have to enter the profile in question, then press Hide your story for this account.

Share your Instagram stories only with your best friends

A second option exists to filter the people authorized to see your stories: this is the option ATput relatives.

After doing the capture of your Photo or video, press the little green star under which is written Close friends. In this way you allow your list of close friends to see your posts and like that you avoid the intruders.

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    Instagram is one of the most popular apps. A social network allowing editing and sharing photos and videos. The platform also makes it possible to keep the contact between a person and his subscribers.

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