How to hide liked videos from YouTube

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The YouTube Music application finally allows users to hide and hide videos liked on the YouTube platform and therefore prevent them from being displayed in the application through recommendations based on these “likes” coming directly from YouTube.

So this is a new option that was recently added to the app YouTube Music and which will change the experience of your use of this platform as appropriate and separate from real music and video clips from other YouTube videos which are not necessarily musical.

I explain to you to better understand, for example, you are on YouTube watching a documentary about music, a singer like Pop Smoke, Michael Jackson, Tupac or XXXTentacion … etc., I said a documentary and no longer a video clip or a song, and well when you click on the “Like” button of this video, YouTube can also offer it on the YouTube Music application and which normally must play only music and video clips and no longer documentaries.

The YouTube Music app offers this kind of liked videos on the YouTube platform in the recommendations section “Recommended clips” and also in an automatic playlist named Your “likes”.

How to hide liked videos from YouTube in YouTube Music app

So to separate YouTube from YouTube music, and avoid unwanted recommendations as well as a personalized playlist full of videos excluding clips and songs, just follow the following:

1. Launch the application YouTube Music on your smartphone
2. Then click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen.
3. Then click on Settings
4. If you have an Android phone, just turn off the ” Display “like” music on YouTube.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, after Settings, click on ” Reading and restrictions “Then uncheck the option” Display “like” music on YouTube.

Once you turn off the option, you will no longer see any YouTube Music recommendations based on videos you liked on YouTube.

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