How to hide Instagram likes on all posts

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It’s possible hide likes on Instagram, whether from the publications of others or from our own. This is something quite interesting to improve the level of privacy that we have on the social network.

The social network noted that the option is to reduce the negative psychological effects that the amount of likes in posts can have on users compared to other people’s. So if you don’t want to see the number of likes or nobody sees them on your posts, there are a few ways to do that.

This option will be available if you have the latest version of the social network. Therefore, we recommend that you update it before continuing with the guide.

Hide likes on Instagram

We can hide the likes of other users’ posts in the feed or hide the likes of our own posts. Too we can activate two options so that they are not seen anywhere on Instagram.

What we will see a bit below is how to prevent all posts from being seen and also hide likes from the photos we post.

When we activate this option, the social network it will not display the exact number of likes in the posts we see in the thread.

The first thing we’re going to do is go to our profile and click on the three-line icon that is at the top right of the screen. A new menu is displayed where you will have to click on “Configuration”.

Let's move on to confidentiality and publications.

Once in the configuration, you must enter “Confidentiality” then click on “Publications”.

Hide the Like counter on the social network.

Here we will have to activate the switch that is next to the option “Hide likes and show number“.

Once the option is enabled, we will no longer see the count of other people’s posts in the feed.

Hide likes in the photos we post

If this option is activated, we hide the count of our own messages. People who view our posts won’t be able to see the exact number of likes in what we post. However, we will continue to see these tastes as always.

We go to the settings to hide Instagram likes.

We will choose the photo that we want to share with our followers and we will have to modify it, click on “Advanced settings” on the screen where we enter the title of the publications.

In this way, we can hide all the likes of Instagram.

In this section, we will be able to activate the option “Hide likes and see counts in this post” before sharing the photo or video.

Then we’ll just post it and the rest of the social network users won’t be able to see the likes they give us in the post. We will be the only ones who can see the number of likes he gets.

We will have to open the post we want to hide and click on the icon that has three dots in the upper right part of the photo, the one next to our name.

This way we can hide the likes on instagram

A new menu is displayed with several options, the one that interests us is the one that freezes “Hide as accountOr a similar text.

Once you do this, people will no longer be able to see the exact number of likes that the post in question has. This is something you can do with whatever posts you have to date.

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