How to hide and show menu items in Photoshop

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Obviously, Adobe Photoshop has a great number of features and while this is something quite positive, it can sometimes make things difficult when it comes to finding options. That’s why we have to learn how to hide and show menu items in Photoshop.

By hiding menu items, we can remove options that we are not used to using. Leaving only the ones we typically use. While if you don’t want to hide the rest of the menu items, we also have a Photoshop trick for you to get the items you use most frequently in a hurry.

Once Photoshop is open, we will start by clicking on the “Edit” menu at the top of the screen and then we will have to select “Menus”.

A new window opens where we can see all the Photoshop menus. We’re just going to have to click on the menu where we want to remove an item.

We hide all Photoshop menu items that we don't want to see.

When we click, the menu expands and we can see all the options that we can hide or show. When we click on the box in the “Visibility” column, you will see that an eye disappears or appears. When the eye is not there, it means that it is hidden, when the eye is visible, the element too. To save the changes, all you have to do is click on “OK” and that’s it.

In case your menus are a bit disorganized or you want to find the items you use the most a bit faster. You don’t have to hide everything.

Assign custom colors.

You can assign custom colors to the options you use most often. This way we can locate them much faster when we click on the different menus.

For this, in the same section, in the “Color” column on the right, we can assign a color to each element that we use frequently.

It's as easy as hiding Photoshop menu items and giving them custom colors.

Now the item whose color I change will be different from the others in the same menu. This will make it stand out a lot and this way we will be able to find it in less time. This way we don’t have to hide the rest of the options.

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