How to hide active status on Facebook

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Maybe you don’t want everyone to know every time you are logged into the social network, to avoid this it is very useful hide active status on Facebook. You will notice that many times our contacts appear with a green dot under their profile picture in Messenger, this is because they are simply using the app. The problem is that this configuration takes away a lot of privacy.

Therefore, if you want more privacy and no one knows when you are using the social network, it is better to hide the active status on Facebook directly.

Obviously we will have to login with our account on the social network website, after that we will have to click on the Messenger icon in the left sidebar of the home page. If it does not appear at first glance, you will have to click on “See more”.


Next, we’re going to have to click on the three-dot menu that is in the upper right corner of the Messenger window and we’re going to have to choose “Preferences”.

Turn off the green dot on Facebook on the web.

In this menu we will have to click on “Deactivate active state”.

hide Facebook active state on PC

We will have to choose between three options to hide our active status. Once we do, we’ll just have to click “Accept” to hide the active status on Facebook.

Hide active Facebook status on Android

Chats on Android.

In the case of Android, we will need to install the Messenger app for it to work, then we will open the app on our device and click on the Messenger icon at the top right of the screen. Once we are in the application, we will have to click on “Chats” in the upper left corner.

This is how we can hide the active status of Facebook on Android.

In this screen we will find the configuration options, the one we have to select is the one that says “Active status” and in the new page we will have to deactivate the option “Show when active” by pressing the switch and this this will disable Messenger’s green dot.

Disable Facebook active state on iPhone and iPad

Facebook settings on iPhone.

In the case of iOS, we will have to open the application and then click on the three horizontal lines that are in the lower right area of ​​the screen. After that we will have to go to “Settings and Privacy” and choose “Settings”.

How to hide Facebook active status.

Here we will look for “Active Status” and we will click on the switch to be able to deactivate active stateIn this simple way, we will no longer appear as assets in the social network.

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