How to get your Lifx HomeKit code

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If you buy HomeKit-enabled devices now, you’ll see a sticker with the pairing code you need to enter into the Apple Home app. You will probably also find this code printed somewhere in the manual, and maybe even on the device itself. So you should never be in a position where you cannot locate it.

However, what if your smart device was not HomeKit compatible when you bought it – and therefore never had a passcode – but HomeKit is now on?

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This is the situation many Lifx users find themselves in as it applies to LIFX A19, LIFX BR30, LIFX + A19 and LIFX + BR30 bulbs. But the good news is that it’s pretty easy to grab the eight-digit Lifx HomeKit code and get a digital version of the code sticker displayed in the Lifx app. Here’s how…

  • First, make sure your Lifx bulb is running the latest firmware. On the home screen of your Lifx app, you’ll see a small arrow icon next to any bulbs that need to be updated.
  1. Once that’s done, tap on a bulb name on the home screen and you’ll see a notification waiting for you on the bell at the top. Tap on it and you’ll get the “Pair with HomeKit” screen, where you’ll see all of your bulbs that you can add to Apple’s smart home platform.

  • Click “Get Code” for the bulb you want to sync and you will begin the process. Make sure you are near the bulb. Your Lifx will reset at this point and cycle through the colors.
  1. You will then use Apple’s AirPort setup to add the bulb back to your home Wi-Fi network. Press “Next” when the screen appears, you will not need to manually enter your Wi-Fi password.
  • The AirPort setup will magically work to reconnect the bulb, and once done, it will present you with your Apple HomeKit code.
  1. Write this code or better yet, the app gives you the option to save it as an image or PDF.

How to get your Lifx HomeKit code

  • Tap “Done” and you will be returned to the Lifx app. Choose “Pair”, then press “Enter Manually” at the bottom. Enter the code you just wrote / saved. You will then go through the usual Home app process to designate a room, and so on.

That’s all. Remember: Keep this HomeKit code in a safe place in case you need to add it again in the future.

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