How to get the Bog Dog pet in ESO Blackwood

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Pets The Elder Scrolls Online are great, but they can usually only be acquired by paying for them in the Crown Store. Lucky for us, the new Black wood the expansion gives us the opportunity to get one for free, so today we are going to explain how to get the pet Bog Dog in ESO Blackwood.

Lost in nature

Lost in the Wilds is an achievement that will be implemented once the Black wood chapter is published. By completing this achievement you get the pet Bog Dog.

First, you will need to head towards Leyawiin and then head east until you reach an encampment. Once you get to this camp, you will notice a chair with a note on it. Take a note and read it to begin the quest. The note is a request for help from someone named Toomon.

Toomon has lost his “Precious” and asks for your help in finding it. Here you will be asked to kill three individuals: Fialdar The Vicious, Vasha The Wicked, and Binghim The Quick.

You can find them on the map below. Keep in mind that they can move around this area, so it’s okay if you can’t find them right away. Just look around and you will eventually spot them.

How to get the Bog Dog pet in Blackwood

Once the three individuals are dead, return directly to the camp, where you will find a new note. This note claims that Toomon went through an Oblivion portal in hopes of finding his “precious”.

This is where it gets tricky, as Oblivion portals are scarce, and there is no exact location I can locate for you guys. You’ll need to explore the Blackwood area for an Oblivion Portal, then head inside.

Once you’ve done that, take a look at the map. If this is your first time entering an Oblivion portal, you will probably find it odd that there are a lot of small islands. Each island has two portals, one on each end of the island; one is to enter and the other to take you to the next island.

How to get the Bog Dog pet in Blackwood

The idea is that you go to the Inner Islands which will have a gate that takes you further. If you’re on your own or just don’t want to clear the islands of all the monsters, just skip them.

Once inside the inner part of the map, follow the route I put in the image above and head straight for the other door leading you to the heart of the dungeon. At the marked place, you will find a body and an animal. The body is Toomon’s and the “Precious” turns out to be a Bog Dog. Toomon’s final note tells you to take care of the swamp dog, and so the achievement ends.

And that’s all! You have now completed a new achievement and received the Swamp Hound pet in ESO Blackwood, an awesome but terrifying pet that you can take with you everywhere!

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