How To Get Into A Saturated Webpage ≫ Solved

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While browsing the internet, many users have faced the embarrassment that the web page is full, crashed, stopped or closed. It may seem like an intractable problem, but in this article you will find some tips that will help you regain access to the site. It could be an address you were browsing a few minutes before it collapsed or even a page closed for months.

First of all, you should know that this error loading this can be caused by problems with your equipment or your Internet connection. On the other hand, it is possible that the solution is completely out of your reach, for example if the web has closed permanently or has collapsed due to problems with the server. In that case, the best alternative is to use the Wayback Machine, a tool that stores data from websites and allows you to access them.

With Wayback Machine

It is a non-profit digital library, where cache data of different web pages is stored. This huge digital archive occasionally records ‘snapshots’ of websites and gives you free access to this information. It is an excellent solution to access a broken or closed website easily, but sometimes the links can fail.

The Wayback Machine works with software that access the same website every now and then and take screenshots informations. To find this data, you must enter the web address you need in the search bar. By doing this, the tool will return all your saved versions of the page, collected on different dates. Simply click on the option of your preference to access and explore.

Official site:

with google

How to enter a saturated, closed, fallen or collapsed webpage with Google
The Google search engine has an option similar to that of the Wayback Machine, since it stores captures or cached versions of web pages. However, this alternative is limited compared to that explained above, because generally you will only have a screenshot of the page in its hidden version.

To use this method find the site you want to visit at Once you find the page you need, you will notice that an arrow appears next to the name you need to press. Then select the option “Hidden»To go to the last screenshot of the site taken by Google.

Improve internet connection

When an error occurs and it is not possible to access a certain web page, the problem may be caused by a bad internet connection. To check this open a new tab and try to access another site, if it loads quickly, that’s probably not the reason you can’t access the site.

In these cases, you may see a notice the website took a long time to respond or you don’t see any kind of warning, but the page has gone blank. If you think you are having problems with your connection and that is why you cannot access the site, follow these tips:

  • Check that the router location is correct. If you are in a place in your home or office that is very far from the signal point, it may not be doing well.
  • Check that there are no objects interfering with the signal: Tempered glass, metal objects, electronic devices, or even a microwave oven are a common cause of WiFi signal interference if they are near the router.
  • Check the equipment’s connection to electricity: A problem with the Internet can be related to problems with the flow of electrical energy. Therefore, you need to check the outlet and even the power cable, which should be the correct voltage for your equipment. Unlike the previous ones, This trick will work for you whether you have a WiFi or Ethernet connection..
  • Restart the PC: If you have checked the previous points and you still have connection problems, turn off the modem or router, wait 20 seconds and turn it on again. Keep in mind that it may take a few minutes to restore the connection.
  • If none of these tips worked, contact your service provider. You may have a bad performance plan or there are general issues with the service.

Delete browser data

In case the previous method does not work, there are additional alternatives with which you can regain access to the web. To begin with, it is important to remember that this connection error it can be presented by browser failures, For what it is advisable to empty the data and the cache.

You will know that you should use this trick when the page is not loading, but you also can’t see any error messages because it just becomes empty. The procedure is very similar in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. However, below you will see the steps you need to perform in Chrome:

  1. Click on the three dots that say “Customize and control Google Chrome”Located at the top left of the browser. In this drop-down menu, select “Setting”.How to Type a Full, Closed, Abandoned, or Mistakenly Crashed Webpage in Browser Step 1
  2. Once there, scroll until you reach the section of “Privacy and Security“And click”Clear browsing data”.How to Enter Saturated, Closed, Abandoned, or Mistakenly Crashed Webpage in Browser Step 2
  3. Make sure to check out all 3 options available: “Browsing history”, “Cookies and other site data”, “Cached files and images”. To end, press “Suppress data”.How to Grab a Full, Closed, Abandoned, or Mistakenly Crashed Webpage in Browser Step 3

In the majority of cases you will get the page that you couldn’t access to load normally. The downside to this method is that you may notice that some frequently used sites will take a long time to load (This is due to the lack of previously stored information).

Note: If you are having difficulty loading a certain page without an error notification, it can also be due to the instability of the network. It may be too heavy for your internet speed. In this case, it is recommended to follow some of the tips mentioned in the previous title.

Other alternatives

The collapse or saturation of a website can have nothing to do with the problems on your computer. If that is the case, better to wait until the traffic decreases users or trying to enter times when people are less likely to access the site, for example, bedtime.

Another little used alternative is contact the site owner to confirm if it is closed or notify that your website is not working correctly. In this way, the technical service itself will get to work to fix the problem.

When you lose access to a website, it is important to verify that the inconvenience is not caused by connection problems or errors in the browser itself. By checking this, the Wayback Machine is the best solution to access a down or closed site. If it is a temporary saturation, you can simply try again another time.

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