How to get Canva Pro Premium for free in 2021

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Canva is one of the most popular design tools for designers! If you’re into digital marketing and digital styling, or own your own business, you might have already discovered what Canva is. It’s a drag-and-drop style tool that lets you easily produce just about any form of visual content.

What is Canva Pro?

Canva pro is the first version of Canva that offers additional options as well as unlimited storage for photos and assets. You will also have exclusive access to many free photos, illustrations and models.

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Canva Pro pricing

Check how much Canva Pro costs?

Canva Pro$ 119.99 / year
Canva Company$ 30.00 / month per person

There are several official and authorized means through which you can access this amazing app for free!

Some of the methods are mentioned below.

1. Free Canva Pro with the GitHub Student Development Pack.

To have this privilege, you must have a GitHub Student Development Pack and then you can get an absolutely free Canva Pro subscription for one year that would cost other people $ 101.

That is why if you are a student then you should definitely try this option so that you can avail this huge sum just by following a few steps and getting the access.

Get this offer

2. Invitation link for free access to Canva Pro

You can also join Canva Pro for free through an invite link from an existing user who is already using Canva Pro. If you have a Canva Pro account created with a GitHub package, you will add users to your team for free, which will allow each of them to benefit from the Camva pro subscription.

3. Canva Pro for individuals

For this you need to register on one of the platforms such as Google, Facebook or e-mail. For this you must have authorized access. Then you will receive a confirmation email and after the confirmation you will be redirected to the Canva account you created and you will have access for 30 days free trial and after that you can update it to the version paying.

4. Canva Pro for nonprofits

In 2020, Canva announced free lifetime accessibility to healthcare organizations working for the public good to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s under Canva Pro for Nonprofit Programs for the Public Welfare.

5. Canva Pro for students: 30 day free trial

Another offer that Canva offers to spark student interest is that it provides free access to teachers and students around the world, free of charge.

This means that you can have access from any corner of the world and enjoy designing the best of yourself and be more creative.

However, it does have certain access criteria, and the way it works is that only one teacher is eligible to request access. And once the account is created and approved by the authority, that teacher can allow access to up to 30 students at a time.

Get a try here

6. Canva Pro for business.

There is another free accessibility that Canva offers free to businesses. This is the exclusive option for those who have their corporate teams. The platform offers the various features of a team dashboard, limited items, approval workflow, brand control and many other amazing features for the ease of their performance.

This is the total of the ways by which you can access this amazing design platform and try out your designs for unlimited functionality of the app.

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Hope you enjoyed and got some useful ways and tips to access Canva Pro version account for free. Now that you’ve got your hands on one of the coolest design tools in the area, you should get started and try out various new designs and your creativity to make the most of it.

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