How to gain popularity on Instagram?

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Instagram is a social network known for the high engagement rate of its users. However, when you have a personal or business account on Instagram, it is not that easy to gain popularity on this platform. The competition for visibility is quite stiff there. So how do you stand out from the crowd under these conditions? We offer some tips in this article.

Buying likes, for more popularity on Instagram

If you want be popular on Instagram, there are specialized sites like where you can buy likes. Buying likes is a rather popular practice. Although criticized by the social network, it allows you for a few euros of promote your image and enhance your account. Indeed, the purchase of likes boosts your notoriety on Instagram.

This approach is based on an operating principle specific to Instagram. The more likes your account has, the more it will interest Instagram users who haven’t yet subscribed to it. A large number of likes on your posts increases your visibility and makes you gain more followers. For a business account, this is a great way to promote your business.

Use the right hashtags and geolocation on Instagram

Experience has shown thatan Instagram photo accompanied by a hashtag, elicits more interactions than one without a hashtag. Hashtags allow your publications to have more likes and comments, since they allow you to search for all the photos relating to the same theme.

However, don’t go for an overly popular hashtag, otherwise your photos will blend in. At the same time, avoid an overly confidential hashtag. Otherwise, the audience that will interact with your posts will be limited. Activating geolocation on your photos is also a way to be more visible on Instagram.

Using filters and captions on Instagram

Yahoo Labs / Georgia Tech study finds that when you post a photo with a filter, it’s 21% more likely to be seen and 45% more likely to be commented on than another without filter. The study indeed states that the number of views and comments is influenced by high contrast. It is the same touch-ups that make the photos warmer.

When posting a photo on Instagram, also consider accompanying it with a legend. Captions provide the opportunity to interact with others, share anecdotes, tell stories or ask questions of your followers. A good caption helps bond with your followers and is an effective approach for more visibility.

Subscribe to influential Instagram accounts and suggested accounts

By subscribing to popular Instagram user accounts, you increase your chances of being noticed by other users who subscribe to the same accounts. Indeed, subscribing to popular accounts gives your posts more visibility that will interest more people.

In addition, linking your Instagram account to your Facebook account allows a new feature: the suggestion of subscribers. Thanks to the same type of algorithm used on Facebook, Instagram suggests that you follow accounts similar to yours. Usually, these are accounts that you share similar interests with, or accounts of friends of your friends.

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