how to free up storage space

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As of 2021, iPhones and iPads still do not have SD card readers. When buying, you must either favor a model with more GB for a fee, or make regular space. That being said, there are a few tips for making space if your storage space is regularly full. All without necessarily having to delete your applications… Here’s how.

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In this tutorial, we offer you some tips for save as much storage space as possible on iPhone and iPad. We will also see how to spot what takes up the most space, but also how to know what to delete if necessary. The manipulations were performed on an iPhone, but keep in mind that it works just as well on the iPad, the menus being exactly the same.

How to free up storage space on your iPhone or iPad?

So we will first give you some tips for free up storage space on your iPhone or iPad, but without removing anything. Before we show you how to free up space directly within applications, like Photos, Spotify and Messages which are the ones that take up the most space apart from video games.

How to free up space on iPhone, but without deleting data?

Our first tip is about iCloud and photos and videos, which tend to take up a lot of space. You can indeed easily optimize the storage of photos and videos with iCloud, here is how.

  • Go to Settings > Photos and device (Where Pictures depending on your iOS version), activate iCloud Photo Library, check Optimize iPhone storage and uncheck To My Photo Stream.

iphone icloud photos

After activating the options, and making sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi, the iPhone will automatically transfer all the photos and videos in high-definition to the cloud, for keep only low resolution versions on the iPhone. If you later view the content in question, it will be downloaded on demand from iCloud servers.

The application Messages it also takes up a lot of space. There is also a tip specifically for her.

  • Go to Settings > Messages go down in the list to check Lower image quality. You can also decide to only keep messages for 30 days in Keep messages.

messages reduce storage space

This will have the effect of keeping in the application only compressed versions of the images that you exchange in your conversations. In addition, you can reduce the retention time of your messages so that the oldest ones (and their attachments) are automatically deleted.

Some tips to free up space on iPhone and iPad

Of course, other tips exist. Google, for example, offers a photos application that stores images in the cloud, Google Photos, which can also be a great alternative to your iPhone’s internal storage. Amazon Photos is another possibility.

Consider using other cloud services like iCloud Drive, Google Drive or Dropbox to store your files, especially large videos. For music, prefer streaming, like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, see the YouTube app. If you’ve installed one or more of these apps, make sure offline playlists don’t take up too much space. Do not hesitate to watch our tutorial for quickly reclaim space on Google Drive, Photos and Gmail.

Obviously, these manipulations only concern optimization. Sometimes the problem is more pressing and you have to go directly to the delete box. What we will see immediately.

How do I know what I can delete on iPhone?

We are going to analyze the storage of one of our iPhones in order to see how to recover space, application by application.

  • Go to Settings > General > Local storage and iCloud > Manage storage
  • Let this list load, which shows how much space your apps take in total, along with their data.

iphone gerer storage

In this case, the problem comes from the data of Pictures, which takes 18.79 GB (which is a lot, especially on a 64 GB iPhone). You can then easily free up space by selecting Pictures from the home screen and by removing the videos as a priority, since it is above all they that take up space.

As you can see above, the application Spotify also takes up space. Consider deleting offline playlists, for example.

The game Lara Croft Go, above, also takes 1.04 GB. If you no longer use certain games, you can simply delete them from this menu (the data will be recoverable if you reinstall them later) or from the screen of ‘welcome.

Do you want to save even more space? Also discover how to remove native apps from iPhone.

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