How to force restart an Android phone if it is unresponsive

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We use our device normally until it suddenly freezes or becomes unresponsive. What can we do? In these cases, it is better Obligate the to restart in one Phone Android.

Surely there have been times when the screen is unresponsive, even the power button does nothing. It can be somewhat annoying and many people decide to let the battery run down or rush into service.

But it is possible to fix this problem by force restarting the phone. Let’s see how we can do it next.

This is not a factory reset

We have to keep in mind one simple thing: this is not a factory reset, we are not formalizing the device. Which means that you are not going to lose all of your data. We just force a restart of the phone. Let it go off and on again.

The process is quite simple and there is no risk of information loss. Often referred to as a “full restart”, your data will not be erased, the phone will continue with the same apps, photos, videos, contacts and everything that it had before the restart.

How to force a restart on an Android phone

Most devices have a combination of buttons to force a restart. If your device doesn’t have it, don’t worry. There is one method that usually always works.

All we have to do is hold down the power button for about 30 seconds. It’s a long time, but you have to wait that number of seconds until the device turns off completely.

In the case of Samsung devices, for example. They have a simpler method. We just need to hold down the volume down buttons and the power key for about seven seconds.

It’s as simple as what we discussed earlier. It is about having a little patience, to hold down a few buttons and the phone will turn off automatically. Once it’s completely off, we turn it back on as usual.

Force restart an Android phone by removing the battery

Obviously, this method is not for everyone. Some time ago, it was quite normal that we could remove the battery from our mobile devices. Currently, most do not allow it.

Remove the battery from the phone.

If this is your case, you can remove the battery. It’s as easy as removing the back cover from the device and then removing the battery. We wait a few seconds and place it. This way we can force a simple restart.

That would be all. Obviously, an unresponsive Android phone can be a problem. In most cases, restarting the device resolves these types of issues.

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