How to Fix Youtube Error 400 on PC / Laptop, Smartphone and Smart TV

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If you are facing Youtube 400 error on your PC, smartphone or smart TV, follow the given methods to fix Youtube 400 error.

Hai friends, recently many of my users ask me for solutions to Youtube 400 Error, I have tried so many times to get this error and solve it using different methods. So finally the day has just given you the right solutions for this error, so here in this article I will give you working methods to fix the 400 Youtube error. You will get the error like “400. This is a mistake. Your customer made an incorrect or illegal request. That’s all we know“.

Youtube error 400 preview

Youtube is the most popular video streaming platform where you can watch movie trailer, video songs, tutorials, educational tutorials, news or whatever, there are millions of videos to watch. to explore. I think everyone knows that Youtube is the second popular search engine in the world and is owned by Google. You will not encounter any errors most of the time while using Youtube. But sometimes some users may come across common errors like (YouTube Error 400, YouTube Error 401, YouTube Error 404, YouTube Error 500, YouTube Error 503, etc.).

Here in this article, I mainly focus on 400 youtube errors. This error occurs when using Youtube on your Windows PC / Laptop, when using Youtube app or when using Youtube on smart TV devices. Don’t worry about the device you are using, just follow the given methods to fix Youtube error 400 on Windows PC / Laptop, Smart Phone and Smart TV.

Solutions to fix Youtube error 400 [All are Working Methods]:

Whatever error occurs in the browser, it is only due to a conflict between the server side and with the browser cookies. So most of the time, the error can be corrected by deleting the cookies. There are also a lot of methods available such as resetting browser settings and many other things we can do before we find a solution. Ok, leave whatever it can be, just follow the methods below to fix Goole error 400.

Method 1: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies:

Most of the time, the browser uses the information already cached when you ask the browser for something. Youtube error 400. Your client made an incorrect or illegal request. This is all we know ”, can mainly happen when we are surfing videos on Youtube, and at that time if we send bad header to Youtube server then we will face this kind of ‘fault. The best solution for this type of error is to simply clear all your browser’s cache and cookies and restart your system. I think this method will work for sure.

Clearing cache and clearing cookies means that we have to delete all cookies that are on our browser, so we have to delete all cookies from the date of request in the browser. But if you don’t want to lose all your login information, follow method 2.

Method 2: delete only Youtube cookies:

Actually, this error occurs on Youtube, so you don’t need to delete all cookies, just delete Youtube cookies to get rid of this error. If you delete all cookies from your web browser, you will lose all saved settings and re-enter the login password for each website. So the best idea is to only delete Youtube cookies, this will solve your problem for sure.

There you go, my friends, just delete all the cookies related to Youtube and then see that it will work for you for sure. If that doesn’t work on your end, follow Method 1, where you will permanently lose all saved settings and login information.

Steps to delete cookies for Youtube

  • First, click on the menu in your browser and then tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down the settings page until you find the advanced options which are at the bottom of the page.
  • Here you need to go to the content settings which can be found under Privacy & Security in the advanced options.
  • In the content settings, just click on Cookies.
  • Here you will find all the cookies that are stored in your browser. Click on the search bar and type Youtube to search for Youtube cookies. You will now find all cookies related to Youtube.
  • Simply select all Youtube cookies and click Delete All to clear all Youtube cookies.
  • Now close your browser on your PC / Laptop and simply restart your system.
  • Finally, delete the confirmation.

In my opinion, this method is more than enough to fix Youtube error 400. Because this method itself worked on my end, so I will make sure that this method works 100% over time.

Method 3: Refresh the page using F5 to fix Youtube error 400:

Sometimes PC / Laptop crashes due to heavy RAM usage, maybe because of this we may also face Youtube error 400. If PC / Laptop crashes, we let’s just refresh our pc / laptop or close the apps or sources causing this problem. This refreshing method works on my end for once. Try it on your side too, most importantly, there are no side effects.

You all know F5 is a function key that helps PC / Laptop users update their systems to run fast. So first right click on your PC / Laptop and click on refresh option, then press F5 button to refresh your systems. After refreshing your systems, if you encounter Youtube 400 error, follow the other methods.

Method 4: Use Youtube ID instead of Youtube URL link:

Sometimes your video’s original link might have some issues. So try to use video instead of Youtube video link. It’s pretty simple to do, follow me on how to copy and paste video ID into url bar. I think this method works in some cases to fix Google error 400 when searching for a video on YouTube.

Go to the YouTube webpage and you will see the URL for that page. At the end of the URL, you see a combination of numbers and letters right after an = (equal sign). This unique combination of letters and numbers is the Video ID.


Suppose your Youtube URL is

Then the Youtube video id is sUbbudoA-CbN

Method 5: reset your browser settings in incognito mode

If this error occurs due to chrome settings, open incognito mode in Google Chrome browser and change chrome settings. Most of the time, Youtube cannot open the video for you as it may be due to a settings issue on your Chrome browser. Most of the time resetting chrome settings in incognito mode will help you get rid of google error 400 youtube for sure.

  • First, open your Google Chrome browser and then click on Menu.
  • Now go to settings.
  • Here in settings, look for advanced extension options by scrolling down the page. I think you will get this option at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on Advanced to expand it, at the end of the page you will find Reset option, just click Reset option to reset your Google Chrome settings.
  • Here you will get a pop-up window, just tap on Reset to reset browser settings.

Method 6: reinstall Chrome browser

Sometimes browser extensions and external programs that you used on your Google Chrome browser can cause error such as Youtube 400. Because these extensions and external programs can disrupt your browser files. It may cause conflicts or result in file corruption and in such scenario, you will definitely get Youtube errors while using Youtube on Chrome browser. Reinstalling Chrome browser is therefore the best solution to get rid of these errors.

I think this method definitely works for everyone because after reinstalling the google chrome browser you will start the new browser where you have no old cache or cookies, and Youtube cookies to delete them over and over again.

Actually, when you apply YouTube on your Android devices, you might encounter an error like “There is a problem with the network [400]“. Reinstalling Youtube app is also one of the best solutions to get rid of this error.

When it comes to SmartPhone or Mobiles, everyone uses the Youtube app to watch Youtube videos. If you are also using the Youtube app, just log out of your Youtube app and then log back in. If this trick doesn’t work on your end either, try Method 4 here, which just means using Video ID instead of Video Link URL. I think using Video ID works most of the time.

Some smart TV users may face Youtube error 400 when using Youtube on their smart TV. If you are also one of them, try updating your Smart TV software to get rid of this error. If the error persists, try to disconnect the power for a few minutes.

A message saying:

“400. It is a mistake.

Your customer made an incorrect or illegal request. That’s all we know. ”

It pops up every time I try to run youtube using blu-ray. It is wired and depending on the device it is updated. “

After doing everything if you still encounter this error, just reset your Smart TV settings and restore the default settings. With these steps you will get the entirety of YouTube.


There you go, my friends, I think whatever methods I have provided will help you for sure. If you have any issues after following the above methods, please feel free to comment below. If you benefit from this article, please do not hesitate to share this article with your friends and family.

This article mainly concludes you on How to Fix Youtube Error 400 and Google Error 400 on Windows PC / Laptop, Smart Phone and Smart TV Devices. If you ever come across an error like Why did we get the “YouTube error 400? Your client made an incorrect or illegal request. That’s all we know”Just come back to this article and follow each method to fix these errors.

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