How to fix the Xbox One “No Signal” error

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The Xbox One “No Signal” error occurs when a TV does not display the signal from the Xbox One console even though the TV and console are both on and all the appropriate cables are connected.

Some TV models may display “No Signal” or “No Signal Found” as a text warning on the screen, while others may display a static or blank screen. The Xbox One X “No Signal” issue is the same as the error that appears when using an original Xbox One S or Xbox One console.

The causes of the Xbox One HDMI interface malfunction

A “No Signal Found” error on the Xbox One can often be caused by a small glitch in the console’s hardware or operating system after an update. Xbox One’s HDMI interface malfunction can also be a problem, as can basic human error when it comes to connecting the right cables to the right ports.

These solutions apply to Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X video game consoles.

Here are all of the best and proven solutions for cases where your TV does not detect your Xbox One console. Each solution is listed by difficulty and it is recommended that you solve them in order.

  1. Is your Xbox One turned on? Sometimes the wireless controls of the Xbox may disconnect from the console and turn on by themselves when the button with the Xbox logo is pressed. Check if the Xbox logo on the Xbox One console is on. If not, press it to manually turn on your console. If your wireless Xbox controllers don’t turn on, they may need to be recharged or need a new battery.
  2. Check the HDMI inputs. Many TVs have plenty of HDMI ports for Blu-ray players, video game consoles, and other media devices and it can be easy to mix them up. It can also be easy to accidentally switch to the wrong HDMI channel if you knock or drop your TV remote. Try browsing through the different HDMI sources to see if you are on the wrong channel. You may have to wait several seconds after changing the HDMI input for the Xbox One signal to appear.
  3. Check the HDMI cable and connections. The HDMI cable may have been unplugged from the back of your Xbox One console or TV. See if it has loosened and firmly push each end into its respective port. Make sure the HDMI cable is in the HDMI-OUT port on the Xbox One console.
  4. Try another HDMI port. It is quite possible that an HDMI port on your TV is broken or damaged. If your TV model has additional HDMI ports, try plugging the HDMI cable into each one to see if they work.
  5. Check the Xbox One Power Brick. If you have an original Xbox One model, and not an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, you’ve probably noticed the external power brick that connects the console to the power outlet on your wall. The LED light on the brick should be white if it is functioning properly. If it’s orange or red, unplug the brick from your console and wall, wait five minutes, plug it back in, and then turn on your Xbox One as usual.
  6. Operate your XboxOne console. A basic power cycle or cold restart can fix a lot of Xbox One errors and bugs and only takes a minute or two.
  7. Clean your Xbox One console. Dust can accumulate very quickly in Xbox consoles near air vents. This can cause overheating and problems such as “No Signal Detected” error. If you have one, use an air gun to remove dust. A regular vacuum cleaner can also work.
  8. Launch your Xbox One in low resolution mode. Press the Power button for 10 seconds until you hear a beep, wait 30 seconds, then press the Power and Eject buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds or until you hear another beep. Your Xbox One will now turn on with its lowest possible resolution settings. This can work around the problem that gave you the “No Signal” error. If it works, you need to continue by opening the guide and going to Settings > Display and sound> Output video for experiment with higher resolutions and see which setting works best with your TV.
  9. Try another television. If you have another TV, try connecting your console to it to see if it also gives you a “No Signal Detected” error on the Xbox One. If not, your original TV may be damaged. If so, chances are your Xbox One console is damaged and needs to be fixed.
  10. Have your Xbox console repaired or replaced. As a last resort, you can ask Microsoft to repair or even replace your Xbox One console for free if your warranty is still valid. You can check if your console can still be repaired or replaced on the official site ofXbox support.

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