How to fix the “CKI Read Failed” error in Crossfire

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Few things can spoil your fun more than unexpected mistakes while playing your favorite game. One of the rarest, but still annoying, bugs that CrossFire can encounter is the “CKI read failed” error. This issue prevents the application from patching completely, which prevents you from enjoying your game. In this article, we will describe how to fix Crossfire’s “CKI read failed” error in several ways.

Fixed CKI reading error

The reason why a “CKI read failed” error occurs is that the game launcher is not able to access the files needed to update or run the game. There can be several causes for this, and some ways to resolve the problem when it occurs. Below are some of the known solutions to this error.

Solution 1: VPN or anti-virus exceptions

Sometimes the reason for a “CKI read failed” error is the inability of the game to access the necessary files, either locally or on online servers. A common reason is either a VPN which causes the program to access the wrong online servers, or an antivirus which does not allow online access to CrossFire.

Make sure any VPNs you use are turned off when running CrossFire, unless you are playing on other regional servers. It would also be better to add CrossFire as an exception to your antivirus list to prevent it from cutting off online access to the game.

Solution 2: Complete reinstallation

While this is a pretty drastic fix, it will get rid of most, if not all, of the errors your game experiences. A CKI error can be a symptom of a more serious problem, namely errors in the registry. By performing a clean install, you will get rid of any corrupted files that your game might have. To make sure you are performing a clean install, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your Crossfire game folder and double click on the uninstall.exe file, or use the native uninstaller that came with your operating system.
  2. Delete the Crossfire folder to remove all data from the game. The default installation folder is located under C: / Program Files (x86) / Z8Games / CrossFire. If you installed the program in another folder, open that location and delete the folder entirely.
  3. Go to your Documents folder and find the CrossFire log folder. These files contain the options and system settings for the game. Also delete them.
  4. Go to the CrossFire games site and download the latest version of the game.
  5. Proceed with the installation after your download is complete.
  6. Once the installation is complete, launch CrossFire and let the software patch itself completely.

Solution 3: Delete the Independent Launcher folder

The CKI error is not common for those playing on the game’s West server. However, it is an issue that occurs with some frequency for those playing on other regional servers. Regional servers like China, Indonesia or the Philippines have standalone game launchers that update the game and connect them to their local servers.

If you are playing on a server other than CrossFire West, you may encounter the CKI read failed error when the standalone launcher is corrupted. This solution should be faster than reinstalling the entire game, as you will only have to delete one folder and not the entire program. To do this solution, follow these steps:

Deleting the standalone launcher folder

  1. Open your CrossFire game installation folder.
  2. Look for a folder that has the name of the launcher. Each game region has a launcher bearing the name of the company that currently distributes it. It would be :
    1. VTC online for Vietnam servers
    2. Ten cents for China
    3. SmileGate or GameClub for the Philippines.
    4. Lyto for Indonesia
    5. Mail.Ru for Russia
  3. Once the folder is deleted, start CrossFire using either the Patcher.exe file or the CrossFire.exe file from the main CrossFire folder.
  4. Let the game finish patching itself. The process should detect that the stand-alone launcher is missing and will reload the folder.
  5. Once completed, the CKI failed read error should be fixed.

Uninstalling the stand-alone launcher

  1. Open the list of programs for your operating system. For Windows 10, it’s under Settings and then Apps. For Mac, use the Finder.
  2. The name of the standalone launcher will depend on the server you are currently playing on. It is usually named after the game’s regional distributor. See the distributor names above.
  3. Uninstall the stand-alone launcher.
  4. Run CrossFire, either through the patcher.exe file or through the CrossFire.exe file in the main folder.
  5. Allow it to patch up completely. This should remove the “CKI read failed” error.

An unusual mistake

Although very rare on Western servers, the “CKI read failed” error is still a problem that can ruin a gaming session. Knowing how to deal with this bug, in the rare event that it affects your game, will prevent you from possible headache. Do you know of any other ways to fix Crossfire “CKI read failed” error? Let us know your thoughts in the “Comments” section below.

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