How To Fix Roblox Error Code 277 [100% Working Methods]

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If you get error code 277 on Roblox games while playing, read on for how to fix Roblox error code 277 [100% Working Guide].

I think most of Roblox users can get this error anytime when playing Roblox games on their devices. So far, no one knows the exact reason for this error. Additionally, we cannot get updates from Roblox game developers. They didn’t even respond to this error, I think they might be working on it. Don’t worry about the error, there are many ways to fix Roblox error code 277. Here in this article, I will show you the working methods to fix Roblox error code 277.

Overview of Roblox error code 277

  • Note: Some users might be trying to restart the game to get rid of this error, but you will get the same error code 277 over and over again. So here the conclusion is that restarting the game is not a solution to this error.

You may come across other Roblox related errors like Roblox error code 267 and Roblox error code 610. Both of these errors have working fixes but when it comes to error 277 we have to apply working methods to get rid of this error. Ok, it’s time to jump into the article to find out What is Roblox Error 277 and how to fix it.

What is Roblox error code 277?

Roblox is the most popular game with 150 million active players worldwide. But this Roblox game has some errors that are not corrected by the developers yet. One such error is Roblox error code 277. Most gamers get annoyed when they get an error pop-up while playing interestingly. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing this game on your mobile or other game consoles. But you will be faced with this error at some point. Most of the time, this error pop-up is the most common issue on Windows and Mac devices.

You will get an error like “Disconnected, connection lost to game service, please reconnect (Error code: 277) ”While you’re in the middle of the game. Most of the games have lost their users just because of these types of errors. Because when they have these kind of errors while playing, they either quit the game or they try to log into the game, but trying to log into the game won’t solve the problem like I said earlier. When you try to restart the game, you will see the same error message again.

Reasons behind error code 277 on Roblox:

Actually, no one knows the real reason for this error, as some people say it is due to bad internet connection, someone says it is due to Roblox log files, and others say this error can be produce because of the ports. Everyone believes in their own theories. In my opinion, whatever the reasons, but we have to find the solution and apply it on our side to solve this problem.

The reasons:

  1. Bad connection, especially Wi-Fi issues.
  2. Port used by the router to connect to the game.
  3. Maybe because of Roblox server issues.
  4. Perhaps due to a conflict between Roblox Log files.
  5. Due to some compatibility issues.

I only know one thing which is the reason may not be the same for all users facing this error. Internet connection, corrupted system files, malware infection, and incomplete installation files can all lead to the Roblox error 277. So you have no other choice, just follow the guide to know the ones. working methods to fix Roblox error 277.

Working methods to fix Roblox error code 277:

I have worked on many methods, but I suggest to each user before going to fix the errors on your Windows PC / Laptop, Smart Mobile or any game console, make sure these devices meet all conditions. If you have a computer, first troubleshoot your computer and perform a basic check first to make sure that no other issues are involved. The basic check includes restarting the system, cleaning your computer, and some basic small fixes on your pc / laptop.

After all, make sure these devices meet the minimum hardware and internet speed requirements for Roblox. To play Roblox on your PC / Laptop, your devices must meet the requirements below.


  • Windows 7, 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10. If you are using Windows 8 / 8.1, you need to launch the Roblox game in desktop mode because metro mode is currently not supported.
  • Minimum DirectX 9 and Shader Model 2.0
  • 1.6 GHz or better processor, 1 GB of RAM, and at least 20 MB of system storage space.
  • Minimum Internet connection of 4 to 8 Mb / s or more.

After checking the prerequisites, please check your internet connection whether it is good or not, and also check the hardware requirements.

Method 1: Delete all Roblox logs and files:

Not only Roblox, many game apps store data like game history, settings and some other files on your device, which will take up space on your device. While playing the game, these files can also cause some causes and issues while running the game on your devices so these issues lead to errors. So I suggest you clean these temporary files regularly to avoid errors.

How to delete Roblox app logs and files:

  • Firstly, press Windows + R keys at a time to launch the Run dialog box on your PC / Laptop.
  • Now type the directory name below in the dialog box and click Enter.

% localappdata% Roblox logs

  • Now select all files in the folder by pressing Ctrl + A at a time, then delete them completely by pressing Shift + Delete at a time.
  • Again, open the Run dialog box and navigate to the folder below.

% USERPROFILE% AppData LocalLow RbxLogs

  • Reselect all files in the folder by pressing Ctrl + A at a time, then delete them completely by pressing Shift + Delete at a time.

Now check if your Roblox game is working perfectly without error code 277. Here the sad part is that after deleting game logs from your PC / Laptop it will delete all your saved games and previous settings you have to therefore restart the game from the beginning.

Method 2: Run Roblox in Compatibility Mode:

Whenever the new update comes from the app, which means the update is only compatible with certain specific versions like this, the new updated version of Roblox works great with Windows 10, but when it comes to older versions of Windows operating system, many people are likely to experience issues while running on old version of Windows devices.

I think I know of 2 methods to fix compatibility issues on Windows devices.

  1. Changing Compatibility Mode Settings
  2. Use the built-in program compatibility troubleshooter.

Changing the compatibility mode settings:

  • First, right click on the Roblox application shortcut on your desktop and choose Properties.
  • Now click on the Compatibility tab, then check Run this program in compatibility mode for.
  • Now scroll down to choose the version of Windows you want to use for your app settings.
  • Finally. Click on the Apply button.

Now check your Roblox game on your Windows device whether it is working or not. Otherwise, follow the next method which is the built-in program compatibility troubleshooter.

Use the built-in program compatibility troubleshooter.

  1. First, click on the Start button on your Windows.
  2. Now type in Run Programs and search for it.
  3. Here you will get different results, from these searches for Run programs designed for previous versions of Windows, if you find any, just click on it.
  4. Now click Next to start the troubleshooter to analyze potential compatibility issues with your applications.
  5. Once the diagnosis is complete, you will see the list of apps that are having issues with it.
  6. Search here for the Roblox, if you find it, then click the Next button.
  7. Now choose the troubleshooting option you want to use.

Use these two methods depending on your specific concerns. Now go back to the game and check if the game works without the error or not. Otherwise, follow the next method.

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