How to fix iPhone or iTunes error 4013

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We need our mobile device to work fine all the time, if we find some kind of error that prevents us from using it normally, ideally we try to fix it. Today we will see as unravel the error 4013 of iPhone or itunes when connecting the device to the computer.

Why does 4013 error occur on iPhone?

The error appears when we want to update or restore the operating system to a newer version, it is usually unlikely to happen.

Most of the time, the error appears because the cable we use to connect iPhone to computer is not the original one. It is not recommended to use alternative cables at all.

To resolve this issue, we can use any of the many software that can be used for this error. Among the best known are TunesCare, iMyFone, iPassFix, FonePaw, FoneDog or Dr. Fone. In this case, we will be using Dr. Fone to be more familiar than the others. It is paid software, but you can download the trial version and install it on your computer. It installs like any other program, so you shouldn’t have any issues in that regard.

Once we have it installed, we need to open it and we will find the main interface of the software. Here, we will have to press “To fix”.

Next, we are going to have to connect our iPhone to the computer. As we mentioned, the ideal is that you do this with the original cable that came with your mobile device. When we do, Dr. Fone will detect that we have connected the device.

Once the phone detects us, we will need to press “Start” to begin the repair process.

Following the instructions, we are going to have to restart the iPhone in DFU mode.

For this we will have to turn off the device, then press and hold the power + home button for about 10 seconds, then release the power button, but you have to keep the home button pressed until the screen lights up, then we release the home button.

Then the software will detect your iOS device, operating system version that we are using and will notify us if an update is available.

Here we will have to click on the “Download” button to start the update process and resolve the iPhone error 4013.

In this way, we have successfully resolved the 4013 iPhone error

After the download is complete, the software will scan the device to fix device errors.

At this point, we just have to wait until the message “Repairing the operating system is complete” appears, which means our phone should already be working normally.

To avoid future problems with the 4013 error, you should consider the following:

  • Avoid using cables other than the original, we must use the one that comes with the phone.
  • The computer’s USB input must be in optimal condition.
  • The iTunes version should always be the latest available.
  • Make sure that the iPhone has enough storage space to install the new version of the operating system.
  • Basically that would be all so that you can fix iPhone or iTunes error 4013, this is a quick and easy method where as you can see we hardly have to do anything to fix it .

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