How To Fix Android Phone Not Receiving Text Messages Issue

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How To Fix Android Phone Not Receiving Text Messages Issue

While messaging apps like WhatsApp are gaining in popularity these days, text messaging persists and is still widely used. Texting should be pretty straightforward, but believe it or not, there are issues that can arise. In particular, you might come across issues that prevent your Android phone from receiving text messages. We will explore how to fix this problem in various ways below.

Disable adaptive battery

We all want our batteries to last as long as possible. Adaptive Battery is intended to help with this, but it can actually cause issues with your text message notifications being delivered. Turns out, keeping that off will still result in decent battery life while still getting your text messages out. If you are having trouble receiving text messages, try turning off the adaptive battery.

To do this, go to “Settings -> Battery” and turn off the adaptive battery.

Disable iMessage

iMessage is an Apple-provided messaging system that only works with iOS devices. If you’ve recently switched from an Apple device to an Android phone and are not receiving text messages, iMessage might play a role in this regard. If you forgot to turn off iMessage before switching to Android, then text messages from Apple devices to your Android phone might actually be sent to your iMessage account.

To fix this, put your SIM card in an iPhone, go to settings on the iPhone, follow messages, and then turn off iMessage toggle. You should also switch the tilt next to Facetime to the out of position position.

Contacts may be unintentionally on the spam list

Spam is a real problem that Android has recognized. The messaging and phone applications of recent versions of Android have the ability to detect spam and messages. Make sure that none of your contacts have been relegated to your sms spam list. To check this open your Messages app and then open the “hamburger” menu. Select “Spam and Blocked”.

Android phone not receiving Spam1 texts

Check if any of your contacts have been included on the spam list. Select “No spam” to make sure these messages are not flagged as spam in the future.

Android phone not receing Spam2 texts

Hope the above methods will resolve your Android phone not receiving text messages issues. If you’re having trouble sending text messages instead, try sending it from your PC.

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