How to find out who is online on Instagram

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Instagram has well evolved especially given his enthusiasm in France And in the world. The small application of photography with filters has become a daily meeting with many android users. Especially because Communication is now an integral part of the proposed functions. It is now so easy and convenient to send each other messages.

Meta no doubt had foreseen this with the acquisition ofInstagram after WhatsApp. The community was so important, it seemed logical to be able to trade without switching apps. So then how find out if someone is online, because yes it is very useful to communicate. On the other hand, you have to do beware of fake instagram accountsthere are more and more of them.

Android tutorial to know the online status of an Instagram contact

Because yes, this function is not available to anyone. You cannot check status like on whatsapp only if you have already traded on Instagram Live. This is the name of Instagram’s on-board messenger that can replace whatsapp indeed. The option must also be activated on both sides, we explain how!

  • Launch Instagram on Android
  • Tap on the icon of the bottom right profile
  • Now go to the Settings with the 3 lines top right
  • Then tap on Privacy
  • In the section interactionsselect online status
  • It will be necessary to ensure that the option is checked as below

Android Picture Tutorial for Instagram Online Status

So if your interlocutor has also activated the function and you have used Instagram Direct togetherso you can view person’s online status. We show you what it looks like now.

  • Go back in Instagram
  • Tap paper plane icon to open Instagram Live
  • You will now see a green dot if the person is online

Examples of online status on Instagram for Android

  1. instagram

    Instagram, much more than the photo

    Even if the photo remains at the heart of the application Meta, Instagram allows entire communities to interact around specific themes. Dancing, traveling, cooking, DIY, you can find everything on Instagram. In photo or video! With the on-board messaging, you can chat privately. And the functions have all of one great android messaging.

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