how to find out what it is and unlock the mobile

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There are different alternatives to know the PUK code a mobile device, on the one hand, can be found on the SIM card packaging. This is where the phone unlock codes (both PIN and PUK) are given to its owner. For this reason, it is extremely important to properly protect the line documentation. However, It is also possible to request the PUK from the operator.

In the past, the only way available to the user contact the phone company It was a question of going to an approved establishment. Currently, there are different alternatives, like a phone call. In the majority of cases It is also possible to access the online customer area and the application, which serves as an adaptation to the web service for the mobile platform.

What is the PUK code

The name of this security tool derives from the acronym “PIN KEY UNLOCKED“, Which can be translated as“PIN code unlocking key”. This code It is made up of a set of 8 digital digits, which are assigned to the SIM card at the time of purchase and cannot be changed under any circumstances. This is one of the main differences with the PIN, which is made up of 4 changeable digits.

On the other hand, the PIN code corresponds to the acronym “Personal Identification Number” and is used permanently to unlock the device. It is possible to use the PUK code, uniquely, as a method of unlocking the PIN code. These are the times when the PIN code has been blocked due to incorrect entry several times, but it can also be used to change the PIN code when it is not remembered.

Where to find it

It is possible to obtain the PUK code by different methods, which can be classified into two main branches, with the SIM card and ask the operator. In the event that the first method is not available for some reason, it is always possible to use other resources, such as going to a customer service center or contacting the service by another available means. .

On the SIM card

First of all, it is important to point out that the PUK code was not found on the SIM card, as this would allow anyone with access to the device to change the password. is It is printed on the packaging of the SIM card and the exact location varies slightly for each operator, but is usually located near the PIN, either on the side, above or below and will always be indicated by the wordPUK”.

Consultation with the operator

With the passing of time different methods have been created with which you can contact a telephone company and by whose PUK code you can check. The main means of Customer Service that exist are listed below:

  • Customer service centers: one of the safest methods is to go to a physical store or contact center and request the code from an authorized agent. It is recommended to bring all the documents related to the purchase of the equipment and the line.
  • Attention TELEPHONE: an operator can verify the identity of the customer and subsequently indicate the PUK code.
  • Online customer area: it is in the official website of the phone company and it usually has different online management services.
  • Mobile app: telephone operators with Customer Service via a website generally adapt this space to the mobile platform.

To note: each operator provides different services to its customers using the established means of communication, so that not all alternatives may be effective to consult the PUK Code to operators.

Customer area by telephone operator

Client areaTelephone companies have different means of accessing the customer area, the main one is the official site, but they were also created mobile app which allow you to carry out similar or even identical procedures. Which are detailed below:


There are different ways to access the Movistar customer area. Although he has the official website and mobile application Like other operators, this telephone company distinguishes between people and businesses in the use of the mobile application, since tIt also has Telefónica Empresas for iOS and Android. In addition, it is important to distinguish the download site for Spain, as Movistar is based in many countries and has special applications for them.

Movistar customer area:


This phone company offers the mobile applicationmy orange“For Android and iOS, as well as a web page to be entered from the browser.

My Orange customer area:


The entrance to the Vodafone customer area is carried out from the official website or using mobile applications called “My Vodafone”.

Vodafone customer area:


The different ways to access Amena customer area They are done through the official website and use the apps for Android and iOS.

Amena customer area:


This company distinguishes between client access area for individuals and businesses, they must click on the option “Enter companies”To be able to connect to its official website. It also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Jazztel customer area:


This telephone company has the denomination “My Lowifor your customer area, accessible from the official website or via mobile applications.

Lowi customer area:


The web platform for MásMovil customer area It is very similar to mobile applications, available in the Play Store and in the App Store.

MásMóvil customer area:


Access to Simyo customer area This can be done through the official website or by using the downloadable mobile apps from the Play Store and from the App Store.

Simyo customer area:


To enter the customer area of ​​this company, all you need to do is go to the official website and selectMY PÉPÉPHONE”. It is also possible to do this from the mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Pepephone customer area:


my yoigo”It is found available to customers of this company through the official website and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Yoigo customer area:


This telephone company has a user-friendly platform for managing your customers. This service can be accessed from any web browser or via the mobile application.

Tuenti customer area:

Telephone numbers by operator

The various telephone companies in Spain have Customer service lines, with which it is necessary to differentiate if the call is made from a customer phone or another operator. Most have a toll-free number for customers and a pay-per-call number for other operators, although there may be a toll-free number in the latter case as well.

Operator nameAttention number for the operator’s phoneService number of any other operator
Movistar1004 (individuals) – 1489 (SMEs) –X
Orange1470 (individuals) – 1471 (companies or self-employed)900 263 037
Vodafone 22,123 (clients) -1443 (self-employed) – 1,500 (companies).1444
Amena900 900 705900 901 460
Jazztel1565640 001 565
MoreMobile2373911 333 333
Yoigo622 – 622 62 26 221707 – 622 62 26 22

When entering the PIN code incorrectly repeatedly, the device hangs and the PUK number is requested for unblocking. The steps in these cases are fairly straightforward and involve doing the following:

  1. Enter the PUK code.
  2. Set a new PIN code.
  3. Confirm the new PIN code.

The PUK also allows the change of PIN code no need to lock the phone, which is very useful when the user does not remember the password. In this case, you only need to enter the PUK code and the new PIN code in combination with certain symbols, as follows: “** 05 * PUK * New PIN * New PIN #”. A concrete example could be the following: ** 05 * 12345678 * 1234 * 1234 #.

The PUK code is a security tool for unlock the device under any circumstance in which the PIN code has been forgotten or it will be blocked. In addition, it is used to modify this code, so it would be a risk for privacy if it were shared with other people.

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