How to find objects in photos on iPhone and iPad

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We live in an age where taking photos is extremely normal, thanks in part to social media and cell phones with high-quality cameras. So we end up with a lot of images, how do we find one in particular? It’s very simple from iOS, since it is possible search for objects at Pictures at iPhone Yes iPad.

Find objects in photos and pictures on iOS

In 2017, Apple added facial recognition to the iOS 10 photo app. But it didn’t stop there, it also has the clever object search feature. It is responsible for scanning the photographs to compare them with its database of similar objects.

The objects in question fall into relatively simple and general categories such as animals, trees, cars, appliances and many other things. It is even possible to recognize concerts, sports, etc.

To give you an example, if you have to take many pictures of basketball games, the application is able to find different characteristic objects of this sport such as the stadium, the audience, the ball, the hoop, etc.

How to find objects in iOS photos.

When we search for things like trees, we can find trees, Christmas trees, palms, oaks, etc.

A more complete search

But it does not stop only at that, it is also possible to search by date, month, place, person or title. It is even possible to perform combined searches using multiple words. For example, sun and sand or house and a specific name.

To search for the images is quite simple. All we’ll do is click on the iOS “Photos” app to open it. Then we click on the search icon located in the lower right part of the screen.

Keywords to search for photos on iPhone.

Let’s see now add any search term What do we need. These search terms can include places, people, dates, keys, etc.

After that we can see multiple examples as results, obviously we can add more words anytime or remove some to add more and it will be reflected in the search results.

Find objects in photos with Siri on iPhone or iPad

As you can imagine, it is also possible Find things with Siri in Photos. For that it’s quite simple, we start the Apple voice assistant and we use our voice.

You can say “Hello Siri, show me photos from summer 2019” or “Hello Siri, show me photos from April 2020”.

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