How to find hidden cameras using your cell phone

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Concerned about surveillance? Here is how to search for hidden cameras using your mobile phone.

Do you have any reason to be suspicious of a partner or an employer? Do you feel like someone is watching you, maybe with a hidden camera?

You might find out the truth if only you had a way to detect the presence of a hidden camera. Fortunately, there are apps available to help you find hidden surveillance cameras using just your smartphone.

Ready to find those secret cameras?

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You are being watched

Someone is watching you. This is pretty much irrefutable in the post-Snowden era. But digital surveillance of emails and phone records is less frightening than someone observing your movements through a hidden camera.

It is unlikely that you have never been filmed in public. You’ve almost certainly been caught on CCTV. You might even have been filmed remotely on a TV report.

Over the years this has become less surprising as we increasingly accept closed circuit cameras, security cameras, etc. You’re probably not comfortable with it, but you can at least accept it as part of the security of society.

But what about closer to you? Are you comfortable with surveillance cameras in the office, development room, bathrooms and locker rooms? Or are these places where you wouldn’t normally expect to find a camera monitoring your every move?

Without being made aware of such monitoring in advance, you could find yourself registered without your knowledge. Your movements and actions would be tracked, perhaps judged, and perhaps misinterpreted.

This intrusion can be done using professionally manufactured security cameras or custom cameras. It could be a standard camera for secret filming, or even an old smartphone or tablet, reused for hidden observation.

Smartphones can detect hidden cameras

Although it may look like a James Bond gadget, you can use your smartphone to detect hidden cameras. In general, two common methods are used to achieve this.

  1. Detection of electromagnetic fields. This type of application detects magnetic fields. You should, however, have an idea of ​​the location of the camera. If a strong field is detected, it is likely that a camera is secreted into the wall or object.
  2. Detection of light reflected by a lens. Although this method is not as reliable, it is still worth having such an application, if only to find small objects deposited on a carpet.

You can find hidden camera apps for Android and iPhone in the corresponding app stores.

Find hidden camera with Android phone

Several applications are available to discover hidden surveillance cameras on Android.

Download : Hidden Camera Detector (free)

Download : Glint finder (free)

Download : Hidden infrared camera detector (free)

Use iOS to find a hidden camera

Need a hidden camera app for your iPhone?

Download : Hidden Camera Detector (free in-app purchases)

Download : DontSpy 2 – detector ($ 1.99)

Download : Hidden spy camera detector ($ 2.99)

Finding hidden surveillance cameras with a smartphone

Whichever app you choose, you will be able to detect cameras and speakers, maybe even hidden computers.

They generally work the same way: the proximity of a camera or other monitoring device is displayed. There should be enough information provided to give you an idea of ​​where it is located.

For example, we tried the Hidden Camera Detector app on Android. After starting the app, it displays a red glow when the smartphone is near a camera. Use the direction of the red glow to find the position of the camera.

The scanner will also shine in close proximity to other types of material, but with different results. A number displayed in the middle of the screen will exceed 100 when a camera is detected.

The Hidden Camera Detector also has an IR mode with which you can find cameras that have so far escaped you.

This is done by pointing the smartphone’s camera at an area where a camera could be hidden. If a bright white disc is visible on your phone screen, there is a hidden camera nearby.

Efficient camera detection

Note that when using these apps, you must first make sure you know what technology is in the room. TVs, computers, smart assistants (like Amazon Echo), and other hardware can interfere.

However, it will also help you if you hold the phone correctly. At first, you might think that holding the device flat (like a remote control) will work better. Where the sensors are placed in your phone will affect this. A little practice will help you get the best angle.

If you’re still having trouble, remove the phone from the case. Some housing materials can block signals from other devices, as well as disrupt the phone’s radiation field. Briefly removing the phone from the case should give you faster and more accurate results.

Finding hidden surveillance cameras with dedicated devices

Remember that other options are available. If you have access to an infrared camera, for example, it should detect a hidden camera, while low cost devices using a wireless network may well show up in the list of Wi-Fi devices near your house.

If you are particularly concerned, you may also want to consider specialized detection equipment. For example, this hidden camera bug detector has RF signal detection, magnetic field detection, infrared detection and can be used for hidden cameras and microphones.

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What to do when you find a hidden camera

It’s great to know that a hidden surveillance camera is watching you, supposedly without your knowledge. But what should you do? Well, you can always present it to a higher authority, but in the meantime you might want to take action to protect yourself from espionage.

Note, however, that the problem with this is that as soon as you do this, you may well alert the observer to your realization.

However, if you are determined to be seen, you should use things like duct tape or putty to cover the lens, or conduct business beyond the angle of view of the camera. For cameras that may be hidden high up, in light bulbs or smoke detectors, staying out of sight can be difficult.

Remember: anyone can use a security camera. Make sure to protect your property with 24/7 camera surveillance.

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