How to find duplicate files on Mac

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You can manually find duplicate files on Mac, but it takes time and too much effort on your part. We have a better solution for you. Apple’s Macbook line has it all, except default storage. It’s 2021 and the Macbook line is still available with 256 GB of internal storage.

It is low by today’s standards, and storage runs out quickly if not used properly. Users prefer to find and remove duplicate files and clear cache on Mac.

Find duplicate files on Mac

Using smart folders trick on Mac or third party app, you can easily find duplicate files on Mac. Read the article to find out how.

1. Use Smart Folders on Mac

One of the common aspects of duplicate files is that they usually have a common name, or the same date, or the same file type. By using Smart Folders on Mac, you can quickly filter these system files and folders.

You have to use the Finder menu for this. Follow the steps below to find out how.

  1. Open menu Searcher from the Mac docking station.
  2. Select a location of your choice to create a temporary Smart Folder. You can create a smart folder on Desktop, Documents, Downloads, or any of the folders you want.
  3. click on Deposit in the menu bar.
  4. To select New smart folder from the following menu. Unfortunately, there is no keyboard shortcut for Smart Folders on Mac.
  5. Click on the sign + in the upper right corner.
  6. macOS will ask you to select the type of category to sort files and folders on Mac.

For example, if you know the names of the files you are looking for, you can create a smart folder for them. Likewise, you can select Guy in the drop-down menu and sort files based on file types like music and video.

Select the duplicate files that Smart Folder identified based on your entry and move them to the Trash.

As you can see from the previous steps, this tip is very useful when you have an idea of ​​what type of file you are looking for. Also, there is no guarantee that all possible duplicate files will be found on Mac.

Besides, it is a tiring process and sometimes you can create dozens of smart folders to remove duplicate files from Mac.

To make your search easier, we have better suggestions for you. By using third party software like CleanMyMac and Duplicate File Finder Remover, you can easily find and remove duplicate files from Mac. Let’s talk about it.

As the name suggests, these are only meant to remove duplicate files from Mac. Plus, the app is natively available on the Mac App Store – you don’t need to go through a long installation process.

We love the way the developers have focused on simplicity. Duplicate File Finder Remover can find and remove duplicate files from Mac in just three steps.

It also works with multiple external drives and network folders. This means that you can plug in your SSD or external hard drive and delete duplicate files there as well. You can also scan and delete duplicate files from the cloud storage space OneDrive and Google Drive. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open the Mac App Store .
  2. Search Duplicate File Removal Tool and install the app.
  3. Open the app and select the folder you want to scan. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the folder into the app and start the scan.
  4. Awards the button Analysis .
  5. The app will perform a scan and show you the final results.

You can delete them or merge folders from the View menu.

Download Duplicate File Finder Remover

Unlike Duplicate File Finder Remover, CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one utility tool for Mac. The app doesn’t just find and remove duplicate files from Mac. It also allows you to delete cache files, temporary data and other system data.

It is one of the must-have apps for macOS. Don’t take our word for it. Give it a try and you will be amazed at the capabilities of CleanMyMac X. Please perform the following steps first.

  1. Download CleanMyMac X using the link. Download CleanMyMac X
  2. Follow the normal installation process and open the app.
  3. To select Unwanted system and make a analysis down.

Keep in mind that CleanMyMac X will remove all kinds of junk and irrelevant files from your system.

CleanMyMac X is free to try, and the paid version costs $ 29.99 as a one-time payment for the current Mac.

Conclusion: optimize your Mac

We often advise readers to delete unnecessary and duplicate files on Mac. This speeds up the MAC and also frees up valuable storage space. We prefer to use third party application to find duplicate files on Mac and optimize free space.

However, you can use the Mac Smart folder if you know exactly what you are looking for on the Mac.

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