How to enable unknown connection alerts on your Facebook account

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While the Facebook Bombing between friends stay quite funny, the hacking and identity theft are much less. With nearly 40 million users monthly, France climbs into the top 10 most connected countries to the world on this platform. A ideal target for professionals piracy who have more than one trick in their pocket to grab your Facebook credentials.

The American giant has therefore decided to take the lead with efficient tools. In particular thesending alerts if ever one strange connection just took place on your Facebook. You can immediately react and keep the integrity of your account. But then how does it work? It’s very simple, follow our Facebook security tutorial for Android.

Receive a Facebook Alert on Android in case of an unknown connection

  • First of all, do you meet again on the app settings then click on Security and connection as highlighted in yellow below on the screen on the far left.
  • Then just follow the recommendations and as you can see on the last screen, a problem has been detected by Facebook.
  • Click on Correct now. Depending on your version of Facebook or Android, the message may not appear. In which case, click simply on the first option :
  • Enable connection alerts.

On the screen below you can activate all. To be sure of receive an alert where you are. In my case, I mainly use Facebook on Android that’s why I only opted for the first option. Otherwise I would have 2 alerts, one by Facebook and the other with Messenger, instant messaging of the American giant – practical for its secret conversations.

Finally, those who have installed Facebook Lite, the route is the same as above. Good handling, the security of your Facebook account depends on it.

  1. Facebook


    We no longer present Facebook, the first platform social media with million users in France. On the Android version, you can view positions of your wall but also use your profile like on a computer. In addition you can post photos or videos directly from your smartphone.

  2. Facebook Lite

    Facebook Lite

    For those who lackstorage space or who have a old device then the alternative it’s Facebook Lite. The official app does not weigh no more than 1 MB, it is also quick to install. The exchanges with Messenger can also be viewed. Finally the security notifications mentioned above also work.

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