How to enable slideshow as wallpaper in Windows 10

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Can we enable slideshow as wallpaper in Windows 10. This way we can have photos of our loved ones or things we love and the wallpaper will not become monotonous or boring in no time It will always change! And it’s very easy to configure.

Set a slideshow as the desktop background in Windows 10

The first thing to keep in mind is that we need to create the slideshow. It can be done very simply. All we have to do is put all the files in the same folder.

We can create one in My Documents or wherever we want. Within it we have to add all the screen backgrounds that we want to appear on the slide in question.

Once you have created the folder with all the images in it. We will have to enter the Windows settings. Something we can do very easily by pressing “Windows + i”.

We click on Personalization.

We are now in the Windows Settings panel. From there we will have to click on “Personalization”.

How to enable slideshow as background in Windows 10

A new window will open and we will be able to select “Background” from the “Slideshow” drop-down menu. Once we do, we’ll need to configure a few things to make it work the way we really want it to.

Set and turn on a slideshow as your wallpaper in Windows 10

The first thing to do is choose the folder where all the wallpapers are located. For this we will press the button under “Choose album for your slideshow” or similar.

Then we can configure how often the images will change from the “Change image every” drop-down menu.

And the rest of the options are only optional. If you want, you can try or play with them to see what the slideshow looks like on your screen.

Show slideshow even when laptop is not connected

In the case of portable devices, we can also enable slides as the background in Windows 10. However, the problem occurs that when the laptop is not connected to power, the presentation does not work. This is because it can consume a large amount of battery. Although there is a way to make it work.

Change the power plan in Windows 10.

If we want the slideshow to appear all the time, even when the laptop is not connected to power. What we need to do is press “Start” and write “Change Power Plan” then hit “Enter”.

Access advanced battery settings.

You will have to click on “Go to advanced power settings” located in the lower left part of the screen. Now a window opens where we have the possibility to edit the behavior of our laptop when it is connected to current or with battery.

Activate the slideshow when the laptop is on battery power.

What we need to do is go to “Desktop background settings” and click on the icon with a “+” sign on the left to expand the menu. The “Presentation” option will appear and we will do the same. Now we can choose what the laptop will do when connected to AC power or battery by tapping the drop down menu. By default it comes in “Pause” because as we mentioned above you wouldn’t save any battery, you would even spend a lot more.

If you want the slideshow to be displayed. Then just click the drop-down menu and choose “Available” with battery. Then just click “OK” and you are done.

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