How to edit an Instagram Story after posting

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Launched in 2010, Instagram quickly became the whooping cough of a whole generation. With the photography quality growing on Android smartphones, anyone can install it for sublimate your shots with the famous filters. Given the success, Facebook did not hesitate to acquire the application 2 years later. In 2014 it was the second social network behind the parent company and ahead of Twitter and Snapchat.

Snapchat is what inspired Instagram Stories, a similar functionality since the publications only last 24 hours. The objective being to do not saturate your thread sublime Instagram photographs with moments, let’s say, more harmless. On the other hand, once shared, impossible to reverse. However, there are options to make changes and that’s what we’re going to cover today.

How to edit an Instagram story after the fact

There are a few options, just go to the settings of the story in question. Follow the guide while in pictures:

  • To do this, tap on it, at the bottom you will see More, tap on it
  • The last option is the one that interests us: Stories settings
  • Scroll this page and there you will find several options.

For example you can hide story for some people. You can also turn off responses and reactions. It is finally possible to block sharing. In short enough for minimize the spread of the story. And if it really was a floating moment, then you can always delete it – this is the first option in Plus.

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    Instagram did many followers from photography fans. Indeed, armed with a simple smartphone camera, you can enhance your photos with many filters. Without doubt the key to success, to the point of making this social network one of the most important for editing and sharing snapshots.

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