How to draw and sign on Google Docs

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Whether you want to add diagrams, flowcharts, shapes, word art, or even a freehand drawing that includes signatures, Google Docs helps you with Google Drawings.

The tool is integrated with Google Docs (and other Google apps like Sheets) which provides features like charts, tables, and several formatting tools that you can use right in Google Docs. Here’s how to draw in Google Docs documents using Google Drawings.

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Draw and connect to Google Docs

Google Docs’ native drawing feature has limited functionality, but it can be useful for users who want to add diagrams, a few basic shapes, text art, or just sign a document. You can also import pictures or drawings from Google Drive or your computer’s local storage.

  1. To start drawing in Google Docs, open an existing or new document and place your cursor in the document when you want to add a drawing.
  2. Now select Insert> Drawing> + New option to create a new drawing file.
  3. This will open the Google Drawings tool in a contextual view above Google Docs.
  4. Here you can choose tools like shape, text box, lines, actions, etc. in the toolbar to start drawing or adding shapes. Any element such as text or shape can be moved freely on the blank canvas.
  5. At term do Click on optional Save and close.

You cannot open the Google Drawings app directly from Docs. So you can’t just switch to Google drawing if you need a tool that isn’t available in the pop-up window. But you directly open Google Drawing, create a drawing, and then add it to your documents using Drive. It’s like that.

Import drawings from Google Drawings

  1. Open Google Drawings and create your masterpiece.
  2. Once you are done editing in Google Drawing, the file will automatically be saved to Google Drive. You can click icon of folder next to the title and move the file to the desired location in Drive.
  3. Once done, go back to Documents and go up Insert> Drawing> From player to select the saved Google drawing file that you created to add to your Google Docs document.

Keep in mind that any subsequent changes to the Google Drawings file will also affect the drawing of your documents in real time. It stays in sync.

How to draw freehand on Google Docs

You also have the option to draw freehand on Google Drawings. This is the number of people who sign their PDFs for free. You can technically use a mouse, but using a stylus or touchpad gives better results.

I normally use it for signing, but you can use it to draw anything as it has all the options you need like font size, colors etc.

  1. Simply open the documents and select Insert> Drawing> + New. You can also create directly in Google Drawings and insert it later in Docs.
  2. Here in the pop-up window, click Line> Scribble option.
  3. Now use a mouse or touchpad to start drawing. You will notice an option in the toolbar to change the size and color of the brush.
  4. At done, click Save and close to add your drawing to Google Docs.

  1. You can draw on an image directly in Documents. Just like before open documents and select Insert> Drawing> + New.
  2. Click on the icon Picture at the end of the toolbar.
  3. You can upload an image, add with URL, select from Google Photos or Google Drive, or even search the web directly to add an image.
  4. Once the image is added, continue drawing on it as you normally would. When finished, click Save and close.

That’s it, it will also add the image and your design on top of it.

Google Drawings is good for basic drawing but is very limited. Using third-party apps provides advanced tools, a wider variety of shapes, and better formatting options.

For example, in the application, you can choose the layout, vertical tree, horizontal flow, etc. These tools make it easy to create flowcharts and Venn diagrams so easily that you don’t need to add shapes over and over again to continue the graphics flow.

Likewise, you can also try other third party apps like Lucid graphics is Smart drawing. Just install the add-on in Google Docs and get started.

Once installed, you can create and use them directly from Google Drive> New and select the app you want to work with.

Now on Google Docs you can place the cursor where you want to add the diagram and then select the option Additional components in the toolbar.

Then select the add-on you are working on and click Insert diagram to add the Drive schematic.

1. Upload the PDF file to Google Drive, then right click on it to open it with Google Docs.

open the pdf file in google docs to sign

2. click on Insert> Drawing> New to open the drawing tool.

3. To select Doodle in the menu Line.

doodle option in google docs to sign

4. Once you’ve signed up and are happy with the end result, click Save and close.

add mark to pdf file opened with google docs

5. You can now move or align the drawing (mark) to the desired position.

align sign drawing in google docs

6. Now go on File> Download and select PDF to export and re-download the file in PDF format but with the sign.

Conclusion: rely on Google Docs

I use the Google Docs drawing feature to sign PDFs, and the built-in options are fine for me. But if you are looking for more drawing tools, I will definitely recommend Lucid Charts for flowcharts and other graphics related designs.

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