How to download private Facebook videos online?

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If you want to download Facebook private videos directly to your devices, read on to download Facebook private videos online for free. Facebook ++ and Tinder ++ are also available in this article. Hello Glad to see you throughout this new topic and I consider the topic to be a way to contact you and I will explain in a simple way that normal people with minimal knowledge can solve the problem with the help of this article.

I hope everyone is doing well. Are you here for today’s topic? OK, so can you guess what the topic is or can you even guess the topic it’s related to. Ha-ha Sorry to confuse you. It was a small act just to make fun of it. Yeah, come on, let’s see today’s topic and let me clear up your confusion.


When you upload a video to Facebook. You have the possibility to define the confidentiality of your videos. You can make it public, which means anyone can see it. But if you share the video in a private group, the respective video tends to be a private Facebook video.

Sometimes you love a private video so much that you want to download it and share it everywhere. But it is not possible for others. Yet it is possible for you. Because today in this article I will tell you 5 ways to download private videos on Facebook.

Download Private Facebook Videos

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Ways to Download Private Videos on Facebook

Let me tell you, when you don’t see a share button under a Facebook video, then it is a private video. So, you can just choose any of the methods to train below to download and share it anywhere you want.

1. Use a web browser to upload private videos to Facebook

Most of the videos shared by your Facebook friends are private videos. Because these are the default settings when downloading a video. So you can try the following steps to download this video:

  • Open Facebook in the browser. Now right click on the private video you want to download and select the copy URL option.
  • Replace the www with the basic in the video URL. And then open this link in the new tab.
  • Now click on the video to play it. And a new tab will open.
  • Now in the new tab you will see a download option below the video. You cannot just download the video by clicking the download button. Or you can also right click on the video and you will see an option to save the video.

It’s a pretty straightforward method. But the only downside is that it can only download SD videos. So if you want to download the video in HD quality. Then you need to check the following method for it. Download Instagram IPA to enjoy premium Instagram features.

2. Use the Firefox add-on to upload private videos to Facebook

If you want to download Facebook videos in HD. Then you can just use the professional Firefox video downloader add-on. You can also find the Chrome extension which also works the same way. But I recommend you to use Firefox.

With Firefox add-on, it becomes very easy to save private videos from Facebook. All you need to do is copy the URL of the video and then open it in the new tab. Then on the page where you open the URL, click on the Firefox video downloader icon. There you will see some video quality options to download the video. Then all you need to do is just click on your preferred video quality and download the video.

3. Use iPhone to upload private videos to Facebook

You can also use the Siri shortcut to download private Facebook videos to your iPhone. If you are an iPhone owner and are new to the Siri Shortcut, you are missing a lot. All you need to do is download the shortcut app for free and you will be able to download private Facebook videos. You can open the shortcut link in the safari to get it.

Then you can just use the shortcut app to download private Facebook videos to your iPhone Camera Roll. It5 is very simple and easy to do. So if you are an iPhone user, you no longer need to feel sorry for your phone due to the lack of download function. Because from now on you can download private Facebook videos to your iPhone.

4. Use Allavsoft to upload private videos to Facebook

If you prefer GUI software. Then Allavsoft is for you. Allavsoft allows you to download any Facebook video by just pasting the URL without even logging into your Facebook account every time.

You are probably not looking for a program to download Facebook videos, another to download YouTube videos, and another to download Deezer music. Well, Allavsoft is all-in-one software and could let you download all of the above videos.

You can even download Spotify Mp3 or any other media without even saving it. Without a doubt, Allavsoft works great when it comes to downloading amazing contents from different media channels.

5. Use the command prompt to download private Facebook videos

If you don’t prefer add-ons anymore, Command Prompt is the open source software for you. It helps you download amazing videos from over 400 websites. So you can just download private videos on Facebook without any problem.

It is very easy to download any kind of video from Facebook, YouTube and many other channels and that too in HD quality. It is very simple and easy to download videos through the command prompt. Previously, it was not possible to upload private videos to Facebook. But now you can do it the same way too. Without a doubt, this is a very easy and straightforward method that you can use to do the same.

These are the most used methods to download private Facebook videos online. It will help you and the users to know the methods of downloading private Facebook videos and normal minimum knowledge is sufficient for How to download private videos from Facebook online by just following the instructions given in this article.

6. Use any private video downloader to download private Facebook videos.

User can easily download private Facebook videos online using Private Video Downloaders, the process is simple and easy, here are some simple steps to follow.

  • First, go to the Facebook video page.
  • Then you need to right click and launch View Page Source.
  • Now copy the source of the page.
  • Then paste it on any private video downloader.
  • After that choose the quality and hit download.

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List of private video downloaders:

There are so many private video downloaders available, some of them are

  • iTubeGo
  • Snap Downloader
  • By clicking on Downloader
  • Facebook private video downloader.
  • Video procedure
  • ODownloader
  • Vidsaver
  • FB Downloader
  • Clip
  • YTD Video Downloader

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is it possible to view and download Private Facebook videos?

Yes it’s possible. You just need to follow the above steps and procedure to download the videos from Private Facebook.

2. Is it legal to download private Facebook videos?

In fact, this process is illegal as it is performed without the user’s permission.

3. Is this process possible with all users in a simple way?

No, it is a complicated process, you have to follow the instructions above in the keen process to do it.

These are the most frequently asked questions by the large number of users and the answers are given by the diverse range of the most experienced people and also with my own experience. The answers are therefore more valid and precise. If there are still questions, do not hesitate to ask by dropping the doubt in your comments box.


So here are the 5 ways to download private videos on Facebook. You can use any of them to download private videos from Facebook. All the methods are very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is just follow the instructions and you will download the private Facebook video in 5 minutes or less.

This is all on our side. Now is the time for you to use any of the above methods and download exciting videos from Facebook and share them with all your friends and family without any interruptions. It will make using Facebook much more interesting and engaging for you for sure. So just start sharing by uploading amazing stuff to Facebook. Whatsapp ++ is now all the rage online with premium features.


Myself Naveena, introducing myself new to this profession, I am so fascinated to write technology-based articles and willing to write the exhibition topics and narratives and my main intention is to provide and share the knowledge to users by interacting with them on various technologies, i love to cook, garden and travel.

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