How to download Facebook video without third-party app

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Downloading a Facebook video that scrolls in your news feed is possible. Videos have been at the heart of the Facebook experience for several years. By default, the application does not allow downloading a video locally on your storage medium. This is still possible, however, and we’ll show you how to do it easily without resorting to a third-party app.

We have all come across an interesting video on Facebook and wanted to download it. Unfortunately, there is no functionality to do this, but thanks to roundabout voices, you will be able to do it. PaperGeek gives you the trick.

In the absence of download facebook video, the social network offers the possibility of recording it in order to be able to find it easily at any time. This will be kept in the “Recordings” tab. Each time you click on the video, it will be downloaded again during playback. This is still far from being as convenient as a local download to your smartphone or to your computer’s hard drive.

How to download Facebook video on smartphone?

You have to start by retrieving the address of the video. To do this, click on the dart at the top right of the publication and then on “copy link” in the menu that opens.

  • Then go to a mobile browser (Chrome, Firefox or opera mini for example).
  • Go to the site
  • In the large search bar on the home page, paste the URL of the video.
  • After a few seconds, a preview of the video appears with a button Download.
  • You know what you have left to do.

Download Facebook video to computer (PC or Mac)

Even though there are extensions to do this on most browsers, you can just as easily download Facebook video to PC using the same method described above. It’s quick and easy.

  • To retrieve the URL of the video on the computer, click on the three horizontal dots at the top right and then on Copy link.
  • Always go to the site and paste the URL in the large text field on the home page.
  • Once the content is generated, click Download.

That’s it that’s all. This simple and effective trick allows you to download any Facebook video in seconds Whether you are on PC, Mac or smartphone, is a magical platform for downloading videos. And better, it also works with YouTube and Twitter.

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