How to download and play with us online

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We already have a version for PC, mobile and consoles. Now we can download and play among the United States online in a fairly simple way. With the Among US Online version we are playing against the AI, here the idea is that you will always be the impostor and you cannot let them catch you.

Although we are only going to play against other AI controlled characters, the truth is it’s a good way to practice, it’s a way to have better skills when we play the game. complete with friends or strangers.

A little further down we are going to see all the steps you need to follow to be able to play Among US Online in your browser, it’s quite simple and you really don’t need to download anything. You can play from Chrome, Firefox or Edge without any problem.

Follow the steps in detail and in no time you will be playing Among Us on Windows and practicing, then challenge all your friends in a game. Do you want to be the best? So we have to start practicing.

Download and play with us online

The first thing we need to do is enter the Among Us Online site and then we can invite our friends by clicking on the “Invite Friends” button. A small window will appear with a button that says “Copy”. We will have to click this button to copy the link, which we will share with our friends.

The following options will appear on the home screen, which we need to complete:

  • Your name: here we can name the character.
  • Share to Unblock: If we share it on social media, we can unlock colors, animals and hats.
  • Death distance: we decide the death distance.
  • Delete cooldown: do not open the cooldown.
  • Speed: to adjust the movement speed.
  • Number of tasks: the number of tasks we can perform.
  • It’s a pretty cool free, online version of Among Us, you can play it from the same browser without installing anything. It’s quite simple and you can practice to enjoy the full version.

    Remember that if you have any doubt about how to download and play Among US online, you can leave it a little further down in the comment box.

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