How to download and install WhatsApp Plus

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If you’ve heard of of WhatsApp Plus, but you don’t know what it is, you can’t stop reading this article, since not only will we explain all its features, but you will also know how to download and install it.

If we tell you that WhatsApp is the ultimate messaging application,we are not telling you anything new. But I’m sure you also know that many users miss certain possibilities that the app, owned by Facebook since 2015, does not offer.

We mean the customization options, something in which WhatsApp leaves virtually no room for the user. Thanks to these absences, this is why the“Mods” have emerged,that is, modifications of the original application to offer many more options.

The most famous mod today is WhatsApp Plus. It was created in 2014 by a developer named Rafalense, although he is not currently developed by Rafalense. When they left, other developers, such as JiMODs or HOLO, were in charge of further developing this mod.

Since the official version of this mod has not been updated any more, several options with the same name have been displayed like WhatsApp Plus JimTech or WhatsApp Plus Reborn, which are no longer updated. The version which is still in force is the GBWhatsApp.

What WhatsApp Plus looks like

WhatsApp Plus allows us to have a lot of possibilities that we will not be able to take advantage of in the official version, many of them to get the personalized application, so that it is visually to our liking.

The ones that we consider the main ones and which are the most interesting are:

  • Themes: you can choose from several customization themes already by default. There are quite a few of them and all with a preview, so you know what they would look like before you download and install them.
  • Customization:You can also customize any parts you see in WhatsApp Plus, from the color of the letters to the shape and background of the video call menu.
  • New emoticons: in this mod you can enjoy emoticons that are not in the original version. This means that we will enjoy more opportunities to express emotions through these friendly elements.
  • Hide by registering orby typing: another option that we have in this mod is the possibility of making other users not see when we write or when we record an audio.
  • Audiolistened to: by following the audios, you can also listen to an audio that has been sent to you, without the knowledge of the other person.
  • Hide double blue check: something that comes from the previous point is the possibility that WhatsApp Plus gives us to hide the double blue check that marks other users as having read a message. This will only show up after we respond to this message.
  • last connection: in this mod we can’t let any other user see if we are online or not. This does not mean that we cannot see others, quite the contrary.
  • To hidein states: another option is to see the state of others, without them being able to know that we have seen it, because it will not be saved.
  • More images and videosLarge: in WhatsApp Plus, you can send video files much larger volume and even images in their original format, without losing quality due to the understanding that the original application usually does.
  • Messages transmitted:you can send messages without the sign indicating that they are.

WhatsApp Plus options

Download and install WhatsApp Plus

To be able to download WhatsApp Plus there there is no official website,therefore we will have to be those who are looking for the most current version, among the many pages that will offer us this mod. Don’t forget to download it from a website you trust.

Remember to roll back your conversations, so that by installing the mod you can get your conversations back.

For that we have to follow these steps:

  • We go to the menu WhatsApp settings.
  • Then click on Chats.
  • Now it is time to verify that we have our Google Drive account associated with our WhatsApp and if so we just have need to click on Backup.

Once done, we need to remove the official WhatsApp version from our smartphone. Since we already have the APK file,it’s time to install it. If we have Android 10, when the installation begins the system itself asks us for permission to install a separate file for the Play Store.

For older versions you will need to go to Settings, Security and grant the permission to install it, activation of sources unknown.

Once we install it, it’s time to open it. He us will ask for our numberphone, will send us an SMS for enter the code, then will detect our backup to restore it.

With all this, you will already have WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone easily and easily to be able to take advantage of all its options and capabilities.

Can you ban us?

WhatsApp Plus Themes

This is a question that everyone asks when installing a WhatsApp mod. He has a nuanced answer.

It is true that by the time the first mods of this messaging app started to appear, from the app itself, they struggled to cut any kind of modification to their system. At that first moment, many users were kicked out of WhatsApp for a few days at first, the time they conceded for the mod to be removed, and if followed, at the end of the ban was permanent .

But mods later with anti-ban systemstarted to appear, like the ones we have today, where it ensures that WhatsApp has no way of detecting that we are using a modified application.

The truth is that bans practically no longer exist, but thisdo not remove it so they can reappear in the future. In other words, to the question of whether we can be banned, we must answer yes, although today it is highly unlikely.

Now it is up to you to decide whether to use WhatsApp Plus or not, but the truth is that it offers us such a number of features, which makes it a more than interesting option.

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