How to download a copy of your TikTok data

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Banner to learn how to download a copy of your TikTok data

All social networks use your usage data to monetize them. They allow to offer advertisements which are most likely to interest you. This is the price to pay for a free service on android. One of the platforms stands out a bit, however, it’s TikTok.

The treatment of your private data on the Chinese app is substantial. One of the reasons why private investigators sounded the alarm. TikTok would be a bit like Big Brother according to some specialists. To realize this, nothing is simpler than download your report from TikTok directly. We explain how. And if you’re surprised, you can always switch to another app like TikTok.

Android tutorial to learn how to download your TikTok data

The number of information in relation to your use may indeed seem surprising. So follow our Androidlista tutorial to recover your TikTok data step by step. For simplify the procedurewe invite you to update the application with the download link at bottom. This will give you the latest screens as well.

  • Go to your profile with the icon at the bottom right
  • Then tap on the 3 lines top right
  • Go to Settings and privacy
  • Tap Account as shown below
  • And ultimately on Download data

Android tutorial to upload your usage data to TikTok (1)

If you have already made a request go directly to the tab Download data as shown below. Otherwise continue the tutorial for make a first request.

TikTok data download screen on Android

For any first request, you have 2 extraction formatsthe TXT format for manual consultation. And the JSON-format for analysis with other applications. This last format is handy if you are very active on TikTok.

On the first screen, you will find a summary of the data available for export. To continue, follow the steps below:

  • Scroll the screen down
  • Select one of two formats available, TXT or JSON
  • Now tap the red button Request your data
  • The confirmation appears, you will receive a notification when the file is ready

On the other hand, you will have 4 days to download your TikTok data. After that, the file disappears and you will have to make a new request.

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    TikTok, the darling on Android

    Despite criticism in some areas, TikTok remains one safe bet in entertainment. The number of users and especially of creators in France keeps increasing. The Android interface is so simple, you can all get you started in minutes. So will you be there next small screen star?

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