How to display the clock and weather widgets on your home screen

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The expressions consecrated by in relation to time do not miss! Time is money… Probably the most famous. For the weather, the list is long. The days and the seasons give rhythm to our activities. It has been so since the dawn of time.

On Android, these information are undoubtedly the most popular with messaging and social networks. But how to insure for have them on hand all the time on your home screen? It’s easy with android widgets so follow the guide!

How to add a clock widget to your Android screen

It couldn’t be simpler, long press on an empty spot on your screen to see the display menu:

  • Select Widgets, which corresponds to small thumbnails of 3 x 2 or 2 x 2 locations
  • Make scroll through the options up to Clock
  • You have the choice between analogue or digital
  • I opted for digital but I prefer to resize at 2 x 2 so as not to take up too much space
  • And There you go, the clock is clearly visible now

How to display the weather widget permanently on Android

Similarly, long press your home screen to make appear the Widgets menu, click on it and find the Weather section. There you will see the basic Android widgets as well as your weather app. In my case it’s Yahoo! Weather but this will of course depend on your Android weather app. Finally there are also apps to customize and clock and weather, all in one. See download button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Transparent clock & weather

    Transparent weather and clock

    Of precise forecast up to 10 days, whether local or international. Updates are regular and in real time, useful for thunderstorm or storm warnings. In terms of the display of widgets, just as many options with several sizes and especially transparency to keep your beautiful wallpaper intact. Finally, many graphics are available, a really complete weather app.

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