How to detect and eliminate spyware on Android

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Seen the importance of our android phones from day to day, it will no doubt pirates and hackers from all sides are very active. Indeed, many banking applications are installed on our smartphones. We also use apps for to transfer money, PayPal is a very good example. So they developed spyware or Spyware in English.

Their focus is of course on online transactions for embezzlement or ransom. But not only, your personal data are very valuable as well. Indeed they can be exchanged against ringing and stumbling money. Without your consent of course and in all illegality. So here are some important tips to avoid any serious inconvenience on Android.

Don’t take the bait with “Phishing” emails

One of the most common access routes for hack your phoneis “Phishing” – disguised mails which seem to come from your bank or from the post office for example. They ask you to click on a link … like the mail imitates the original at best, it’s easy to fall for it. Always check the address from the correspondent! It is often wobbly, for example, [email protected] – nothing from an official address. Always take your precautions, it’s a good start.

How to identify and eliminate spyware

It is possible toidentify hidden apps on Android. But for the Spyware, we recommend a anti-virus worthy of the name. You will find historical publishers such as AVG, Avast and Kaspersky – they have all been proven on PC. Here is the process for get rid of spyware on Android.

  • Download an anti-virus from the list below
  • Open the app
  • Launch the detection service often called Scan, the word in English.
  • If spyware is present, the anti-virus alerts you
  • Just select it to deactivate it

Once again, stay on your guard, and remember, don’t just click – no links unless you expected it!

  1. AVG AntiVirus Android Free

    AVG, the great PC anti-virus also on Android

    AVG Antivirus is a security tool for android, what’s more is free. It offers many functions for protect your smartphone or your tablet against viruses, spyware and other threats. In particular the phishing mails and similarly the suspicious texts. We won’t take you there anymore!

  2. Avast Free Antivirus 2019 - Virus Cleaner

    Avast Free Antivirus – the alternative for Android

    Avast Antivirus includes all usual functions for safe use of your device with virus protection and malware. In addition to this, the surfing the Internet is also secure. Finally, in case of loss, it is possible to follow and even to lock if necessary.

  3. Kaspersky Internet Security

    Kaspersky, a pioneer against viruses

    Kaspersky Lab is a Russian cybersecurity specialist of all kinds. They made a very good reputation on personal computers. They are also innovating on Android with the Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. The app offers a virus protection, Trojans as well as all android spy software. In case of severe infection, the repair is assisted and fast. Finally, and to prevent any misappropriation, the app block fraudulent sites.

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