how to delete viewing history

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You can easily remove an item from recently viewed Netflix shows or movies. Even the entire viewing history. But how do you do it? This is not necessarily obvious to new users or to those who have never done it before. Hence the usefulness of this little tutorial.

Netflix © Unsplash

Your Netflix viewing history is useful in many ways. The platform uses it in particular to suggest films and series based on your tastes and habits. It’s also a great way to easily find content you’ve viewed that you can’t remember by name.

Still, some users do not want to be inundated by the recommendations of the red N algorithm. Others share their account with relatives and do not want to keep track of a viewing history that is not theirs. To erase all traces (or only part of the content viewed), follow the guide!

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How to clear history on Netflix?

As we said above, the history of Netflix will accentuate the ergonomics of the service by offering you content modeled on your tastes. In doing so, it would be better to delete some of the recently viewed content in case you have any reason to do so rather than clearing the entire history. Before we begin, note that it is not possible to delete the history from the Netflix app. To do it :

  • Sign into your account Netflix from a web browser.
  • At the top right, click on your profile icon and select Account.

Netflix: account settings

  • Scroll down the page. In the section Profiles and Parental Controls, select the profile where you want to clean.
  • Then click on Display in category Historical.

Netflix: show history

  • You can hide only specific content by clicking on the circled bar or choose to hide everything.

Netflix: delete history

Netflix: history management by profile

The best way to share your Netflix account with others is to set up multiple profiles, including profiles for children. Each profile has its own history. Everyone can therefore have their own suggestions and browse recently watched series without interference from other users.

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