How to delete a Microsoft account on a Windows 11 PC?

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If you watch the news, you probably already know that as of July of this year you cannot install Windows 11 or download the beta version of Windows 11 without a Microsoft account. This is because the operating system update is only available as part of the Windows Insider program. However, we show you in this article how delete Microsoft account on Windows 11 PC.

Like we said, once you’re done downloading and installing Windows 11, you have the option to remove it and start using a local account instead. You should know that, if you choose this solution, you you definitely say goodbye to many benefits Windows 11, so see if that’s okay for you.

But if you have come to the conclusion that you don’t care about these interesting little details of Windows 11 then you should be aware that all your data will be erased, that you will need another account with administrator permissions. to continue removing them and you might have issues with the Windows 11 updates themselves in the future. In other words, it’s a risky tuorial.

Switch from Microsoft account to local account

In the past we have done a comparison between the local account and the Microsoft account, so we’re sure you know the difference, and one of the first solutions in this case is to leave the Microsoft account at directly access a local account, so it won’t even be necessary to delete the first one.

  • Enter your PC settings with Windows 11
  • Look for the accounts section and your information
  • Tap Sign in with a local account
  • Confirm your identity when asked
  • If you wish, add a password
  • With these very simple steps, you will have left your Microsoft account and switched to your local account, which means that Windows services will not be able to log you in automatically or collect your personal data.

    What if I still want to delete the Microsoft account?

    If you want get rid of this Microsoft account on your Windows 11 computer, you can do it without major inconvenience, and all you need is follow some of the two tips that we will show you.

    By parameters

  • Sign in with an alternate administrator account to Microsoft
  • Go to the Settings, Accounts, Family and other users section
  • In other users, search for Microsoft account
  • Click the Delete option
  • To confirm
  • After a few seconds, the Microsoft account and all its data will be historical on your computer.

    Via the control panel

  • Open Control Panel with large or small icons view
  • Once inside, find the User Accounts section
  • Choose the Manage another account menu here
  • Find the Microsoft account
  • Delete account
  • At this point, You will be asked if you want to delete all files related to the account. or if, if not, you prefer to keep them. It is a purely personal decision that you will need to make moving forward.

    In any case, as you can see, deleting the Microsoft account on a Windows 11 PC is not at all complicated, and although we have to use it to download the new operating system, we can get rid of it.

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