How to define and manage them via the wizard

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Setting reminders on Google Home is both useful and fast, giving you a digital backup of your to-do list, whether you have a speakerphone or a smart screen.

Google Assistant can set reminders based on time, location, and even give nudges to different family members.

However, since the voice assistant can also live on your phone, things can get a bit tricky.

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Want to know exactly how to set reminders on your Google Home smart speaker? Below, we’ve broken down everything there is to know about receiving and handling wizard prompts.

Set reminders on Google Home

While setting reminders through Google Home is, in and of itself, an easy process, there are actually a few hurdles you’ll need to jump through to get there. The first thing to do is to activate personalized results on your Google account.

If you share your Google device with other people in the house, you’ll want to set up Voice Match as well. This ensures that your reminders are not cluttered with other users’ to-do list and that your reminders cannot be accessed by other users.

Step 1: Enable Custom Results

1. In the Google Home app on your iOS or Android device, go to the Home dashboard and select the device you want to set reminders on.

2. Tap the settings icon at the top right.

3. Scroll down to Personal Results and make sure the switch is blue.

Step 2: Configure Voice Match

1. In the Google Home app on your iOS or Android device, go to the Home dashboard and select the device you want to set reminders on.

2. Tap the settings icon at the top right.

3. Scroll down to Voice Match and configure the feature, if you haven’t already. If different Google users are associated with your Google Home, they will need to set up Voice Match on their individual account, in order to access their own personal reminders.

Step 3: set a reminder

Once you’ve completed these two steps, you’re ready to set a reminder on your Google Home device.

You can do this from your speaker or the Google Home app, and Google lets you set reminders that include time, dates, people, and locations.

google hub reminder

Time-based reminders

“Hey Google, remind me to [insert your reminder] at [time] / [day]”.

Be aware that if you set a reminder for tomorrow before 5 a.m., it will be sent that day. However, if you set a reminder for tomorrow after 5 a.m., it will be sent the next day.

You can also set a periodic time-based reminder with something like, “Ok Google, remind me to take my meds at 8 am every day”.

You can also set time-based reminders from your phone using the Google Assistant.

Google Home reminders with location

Location-based reminders

“Hey Google, remind me to [insert your reminder] at [location]”.

This will apply to specific locations, business addresses, as well as your home and business address (if you’ve saved them in Google Maps).

Google Home reminders

User specific reminders

“Hey Google, remember [person] at [reminder] at [time/day]”.

Assignable reminders allow users to send user-to-user prompts through Google Home and Assistant. However, you can’t send these reminders to just anyone – they’ll only work with members of your Google family group, or with anyone whose account is associated with the same smart screen or smart speaker as you and who matched his voice to said device.

Step 4: Get a callback

Once it’s time for a reminder to sound, your Google device turns on and the Assistant tells you: “I have a reminder for [name]”.

If you have a speakerphone, a white light will stay on the device for 10 minutes, although a card will stay on smart screens until it is recognized. The same process will take place if you performed the callback from a phone, unless it is a location-based callback.

google home what are my reminders

Step 5: Manage your reminders

Obviously, it’s not as easy as setting up and receiving reminders. You’ll want to save on the reminders you’ve set, remove the ones that don’t apply, or maybe even turn off / on notifications for the reminders.

  • To check reminders: “Ok Google, show me my reminders”.
  • To cancel a reminder: “Ok Google, delete my reminder for [action]”.
  • To enable / disable notifications, go to Account> Settings> More settings> Assistant> Devices with assistant> the device you want to change> turn on / off home screen and notifications.

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