how to deactivate Cortana to stop being tracked

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Trying to disable or remove Cortana from Windows 10? The task is not as simple as you might think, because Microsoft does not allow it to be done from the system settings. But as always, there is a trick to bypass this very annoying restriction. We show you how to get there.

How does Microsoft use our personal data? It is by asking this question that many users have started to disable Cortana personal assistant from the beginnings of Windows 10. It seems indeed to collect much other data than those resulting from research in the assistant, without one really knowing what Microsoft does with it.

According to the company, it’s about improving the user experience. But given Microsoft’s attitude, there often seems to be a world of difference between official releases and the company’s real intentions. Over the versions of Windows, the company introduced options to limit the intrusive aspect of Cortana before removing them again. So you have no choice but to do with the wizard.

How to turn off Cortana on Windows 10?

Microsoft therefore offers no compromise. There is, however, a not very complicated way to turn off Cortana. Just change a key in the registry editor and you’re done. The trick also works well with Windows 10 Pro than with the family version. The only downside: Microsoft has done it right: removing Cortana deprives you of the search function.

Disable Cortana from the registry

It is therefore necessary to make changes in the registry. To disable Cortana from the registry, you must be logged in to a Windows administrator account:

  • Open the tool Execute from Windows, type regedit and validate.
  • Browse the tree by following the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows Windows Search. You need to create the key Windows Search if it does not exist by right clicking on the folder Windows> New> Key
  • Create a DWORD file in the Windows Search key. Right click on it, then on New> 32-bit DWORD value
  • Create a file and rename the file exactly as follows: AllowCortana
  • Double click the file and make sure the value is 0.
  • Close the registry and restart the computer

How do you stop Cortana from listening to you?

The Hey Cotana feature is disabled by default. To communicate with the assistant, you must therefore open the application and click on the microphone. If you still fear Cortana is listening to you all the time, you can still revoke her access to your computer’s microphone. To do this :

  • Enter Cortana in the Windows search bar
  • On the right, click Application settingsCortana settings
  • In the Permissions for applications section, turn off the Micro option
  • Go lower and turn off any other options that you find intrusive.

Cortana no longer has access to your microphone. It’s a tiny compromise Microsoft offers to manage your privacy. If this is not enough for you, choose the more drastic option by simply disabling the voice assistant.

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