How to customize your lock screen on Android

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Following the takeover of the Android platform by Google, the American giant quickly wanted to stand out from its direct competitor, Apple. Their platform had to be “open” to offer a maximum applications to users of smartphone. The bet is won given the Android market share. There are many of you downloaded customization apps. With these your phone becomes a kind of mirror or digital showcase of your personality.

Exactly, the first screen, the one locking, what about? Personalized, secure too? We will take stock of the options for Android inherent configuration. Then we will cover some third-party apps which will allow you to further customize your lock screen Android.

Setting up the lock screen on Android

1 – Appointment in Configuration then select Display as shown below – on some Android e.g. version 10 Jelly Bean you will also have the live option of Personalize your phone.

2 – Once in Display, select Wallpaper and There you go. If you don’t have a screen set, the option to select from your photos will appear.

3 – Your locked phone is customized now but what about your privacy? And yes, someone can go through that. Go back to Settings then click on Confidentiality. There you will have the option to display or not notifications when the phone is locked but not safe from indiscretions.

4 – And for those who want customize unlocking, there is several options: Scan the screen, Diagram, PIN code or password. In my case the PIN and this is what is set to Screen lock.

Even more customization for your Android lock screen

As we said above, there are many apps to customize its more lock screen. Among the best known are the Floatify notification manager as well as the iPhone XS notifications simulator.

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