How to customize the Apple Watch Control Center

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Customize the Apple Watch Control Center it is extremely simple and practical. The Apple Watch has a large number of functions that can be very useful. By default, we won’t see them all in Control Center for obvious reasons. But we can customize it by adding or removing the functions that suit us.

We have to slide our finger up and down to open the control center. In case we want to close it, we just swipe our finger off the top of the screen and that’s it.

All the options in the Apple Watch Control Center

There are several Apple Watch modes in Control Center. We can customize the Apple Watch control center in a fairly easy way. Let’s see what each of these functions are for.

  • Wireless connection: obviously used to connect and disconnect from Wifi.
  • Bed icon: This is to put the watch into sleep tracking mode.
  • Audio: to choose an output audio source.
  • Mask icon: to activate cinema mode.
  • Drop icon: activate the water lock.
  • Phone ringtone: We make iPhone ringtone to find it.
  • Percentage number: to know how much battery is left.
  • Hood: activate silent mode.
  • Flashlight: to use the watch as a flashlight.
  • Plane: the classic airplane mode.
  • Raising hand icon: we put the clock in school mode.
  • Talkie Walkie: Waklie Talkie Mode.
  • The moon-shaped icon: to activate do not disturb mode.
  • Lock icon: to lock your Apple Watch.
  • Cellular: to activate pairing with the telephone.
  • Obviously, some functions are hidden by default. But we can customize the Apple Watch Control Center by adding the icons that suit us. To do this, we open the Control Center and press the “Edit” button.

    If we click on “More”, we will be able to see the functions that are hidden. We simply click on the “green” icon that appears in the upper left corner of each function to add it. If we want to eliminate it, we click on the red icon.

    We just hit edit in the control center and touch an icon for a few seconds. Now we can drag it anywhere. When we are done, we just click on “Done” and we will have the icons laid out as we want.

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