How to crop, rotate and resize an image in GIMP

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It’s possible crop, rotate and resize an image in GIMP. If you are new to the software it might seem a bit complicated. However, GIMP is quite easy to use and in this article we will show you how to do it.

Crop, rotate or resize a photo in GIMP

It doesn’t matter if you want to crop, rotate, or resize an image in GIMP, it’s too easy and the software has these options in an accessible way. Let’s see how we must proceed in each of these situations to achieve this.

We can have many reasons for cropping an image. Luckily with GIMP it’s too easy and all we have to do is what we’ll discuss a bit below.

The first thing you will do is add the photo to the work area, you will now have to click on the “Crop” tool which is in the tool palette. We can also go from Tools> Transform Tools> Crop.

When we do this, the mouse cursor will change, it means the function is enabled. Now we will have to hold down the left button and drag the mouse from side to side to cut out the desired area.

Let’s pretend we’re taking a photo with the phone, but it’s backwards. What can we do? We just take the tool offered by GIMP and rotate it. It is something quite simple to do.

How to flip or rotate an image in GIMP

All we have to do is add the image to the workspace. After that we will have to click on Image> Transform. Here we will be able to select one of the available options to be able to flip or rotate the photo.

If you want to change the dimension of a photo, that’s something too easy that we can do with the program. There may be times when the photo is too large for what you want to use, so it is best to reduce the size to the correct dimensions.

Change the size or dimension of an image in GIMP

To change the dimension of a photograph, it must be added to the work area. After that we will have to go to Image> Image Scale. A dialog box should appear with options for scaling the image. Here we can choose the width and height of the photo.

After that, we just click on the “Scale” button at the bottom and that’s it.

We can reduce the size of a JPEG file to make it easier to send over the Internet. The first thing to do is to make sure it is in JPEG format. After that we will select File> Export and add the name of the file. Now we click on the “Export” button at the bottom.

How to reduce the size of an image

Then you will see a dialog box with options to increase or decrease the image quality. It should be borne in mind that reducing the file size may result in loss of image quality. So don’t reduce it too much either.

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