How to create stickers with audio for WhatsApp

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Want to stand out on WhatsApp? This is good, to new sound features will interest our readers and especially budding designers. And there it is about famous WhatsApp stickers! After their launch at the end of 2018, the complement of emojis was all the rage and has continued to evolve.

Suddenly the application editors also followed to propose even more stickers. Besides, here are several free sticker packs on android for those who missed them. Little by little, WhatsApp launched the animated stickers to finish a little earlier this year with a sound button. So how does it work? That’s enough simple in fact, follow the guide?

Create your own background sound with an audio editor

If you have received stickers with audio, you can of course save and reuse them. But why not stand out from the crowd and prepare yours? It will undoubtedly be necessary to edit the audio sequence and for that we recommend a android mp3 editor app like AudioDroid.

  • Save the Audio file that you have just edited
  • Send the sticker to your friend or WhatsApp contact
  • Attach your sound creation at the same time

There you go, try it and tell us in the comments if your contacts have appreciated it?

Choose a sound sticker maker app for WhatsApp

It is a popular alternative because again it gives you simplifies the task. Especially with Memetflix, a sticker editor with sound background MP3 for WhatsApp!

  1. Memetflix - Stickers para Whatsapp

    Memetflix – Sound Stickers for Whatsapp

    This app made it possible to prepare stickers with audio The simplest in the world. Just follow the process and you’re good to go. Of thousands of android users have tested it and the comments are mostly positive. Your turn now!

  2. AudioDroid: Audio Mix Studio

    AudioDroid: the mobile studio for your audio clips

    Another popular app on Android for create your audio recordings, it’s AudioDroid. You will be able shorten files, cut the beginning or the end for example. It is possible to mix several sequences also. In short, a great tool to makeon-the-go music editing. An essential companion for Memetflix otherwise.

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