How to Create DeepFakes on Android

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Hypertrucage where the Deepfake is a technique of mounting with the purpose of stacking multimedia files on other videos like the fact of change a person’s face in a movie or video clip.

Given that hypertrucage is based on artificial intelligence the result of the assembly is of great realism. Are you tempted by this experience? Want to create Deepfakes on your Android? All you’ll get is your smartphone and an trick application compatible with your device. Continue reading to discover the Steps for creating Deepfakes on Android.

Create DeepFakes on Android in just a few steps

Several applications allow create realistic DeepFakes like in modern movies, especially the app REFACE which creates fixtures rigged of good quality. The app also allows you to share with your friends your creations of faked video sequences, funny GIFs or trailers of your favorite movies.

  • Start with install REFACE on your Android and tune them required permissions by the application for access your files.
  • Take a selfie using the application’s camera, respecting the circular frame to insert your face.

Note : Take into consideration the position in your selfie, the props and funny faces of the character you hope to replace.

  • Once satisfied with your Photo, press the confirmation.
  • Now, select the video clip in which you want to insert the selfie that you took. REFACE offers you different types of video sequences. Stand out from the crowd and identify with your favorite superhero or famous character!
  • The app does the work for you in a few seconds. It’s fast and automatic.
  1. REFACE: face swap videos

    REFACE: face swap videos

    An innovative application that allows you to edit GIF and famous video footage. The goal is toinsert your own face and become the hero of your favorite movie. REFACE gives you the possibility to share your cinematographic creations with your friends on Instagram and Facebook.

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