How to create and have multiple YouTube channels with one account and monetize them together

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Youtube is in a nutshell a social network of videos, evolutionof it over the years has been nothing short of impressive.

To become a social network where only videos Recreation have been uploaded become a social network where we meet people who work and live from that, whohave an impressive lifestyle thanks to the social network.

But in order to have everything in order essentially, maybe with a channel to concentrate more that all about generating money, another by hobby and other staff,among other things, you must have everything separated and organized.

For this, we will recommend to create several channels one for everything.

It looks easy and it is simple, you don’t haveto log out and start it every time, with the same account you can control absolutely everything and without a lot of problems we say we are going to teach you in this article how you have to do to achieve it.

Start on YouTube

Before explaining how to use multiple channels, we will help you with the first steps, ifyou still have doubts, we will help you solve them.

First of all, you need to know how create your account on YouTube,once you have created it, you can continue with the steps to pray more on the network and his advantages.

One of the main questions when creating a YouTube account is how do I change my profile picture? So you can start to personalize your channel or channels to make it easier for your friends to you find.

Since your account has been created, we will continue to help you improve your channel.

Best Video Content

Now since you have been able to create your account, you can start downloading from content and then be able to share it on other social networks as a hobby or start monetizing it.

If you don’t already know, YouTube will asks certain requirements to be able to download videos and content, you need to have a good program to edit videos easily and thereby download better quality content.

Since you recorded yourself or edited a video for the download, you must choose the channel on which you will publish it.

If you still have no idea what theme to make your channel or chains, we will leave you some ideas.

The best themes for YouTube

Many followers of this social network enter it because they can find thousands of content they find interesting.

On this platform, you can find everything from music videos to full movies,you can also find all your favorite singers or groups.

A another popular theme on YouTube are horror videos, mysteries, past stories, horoscopes, cooking or dessert videos, jokes and documentaries.

Create multiple channels with one YouTube account step by step

Now that you have some ideas that it’s popular on YouTube, you can start downloading videos right now.

Remember to choose a good theme and every time you upload new content highlight some videos, so that you have better organized your channel and your subscribers do not miss your content.

Now if you don’t decide on just one topic, you can do multiple channels and in eachof them deal with a different subject, which is why in this article we will help you to do several accounts at the same time.

Log in to YouTube, once you are ready we will go to the menu icon and go where it says My Channels, we will see a pop-up box that comes out and we will have to choose to use your name or create a new one, let’s go where it says create one and you are done.

Having multiple YouTube channels is just for that, to deal with various subjects without having to put everything in the same channel and making it a mess to find videos of a certain theme that some users may like and some may not.

This way you can have everything much more organized and you are not going lose an audience and you can become even more loyal to users who would subscribe because they like all of your content and not just some of it.

You know, this is not the same thing to have a game channel exclusively from mobile phones than having one of the games from all consoles.

Some people may not be interested in Android games at all and vice versa, this is something you should think about very seriously before you start the channel so that you can have everything properly organized and in the long run, don’t find that you can lose followers for something that would have been resolved by splitting channels and organizing videos in some other way.

Have you been able to create multiple channels easily and easily?

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