How to create an anonymous Facebook profile (and why you should)

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For people who need access to Facebook, but prefer to keep their data private, an anonymous profile is an option to consider.

Whether it’s a variety of jobs online or keeping in touch with loved ones, Facebook’s presence in our digital life continues to grow. But what if you don’t want the privacy risks that a personal Facebook profile brings?

Read on to find out why you might want to create an anonymous Facebook profile and how to create one …

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Why Would You Want An Anonymous Facebook Profile?

There are several reasons why someone might want an anonymous Facebook account, but they all have one thing in common: privacy.

Many people are concerned about Facebook’s privacy settings and violations. Creating an anonymous Facebook profile allows you to keep scammers away from your personal information, such as your real email address and date of birth.

If there has ever been a big data breach on Facebook, having an anonymous account could prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud. Because you didn’t use your real information to create your Facebook account, it limits the chances of your personal data falling into the wrong hands.

It also saves you from worrying about coworkers or acquaintances trying to connect with you on the platform. By having a completely anonymous profile, you don’t have to worry about choosing between monitoring your coworkers or snobbery of friend requests from those in your office. You can share personal posts with your loved ones.

If your friends will know who you are, the general public doesn’t. You don’t have to worry as much about prowlers spying on your profile or a privacy breach exposing your personal information.

Another reason that a person may want an incognito Facebook account is because they can be a page admin on the platform. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to act as an administrator on Page without an account to link it to.

For people who work in social media management or marketing, an anonymous account can save you from having to link your personal profile.

How To Set Up Your Anonymous Facebook Account

Creating an anonymous Facebook account is very quick and easy. Honestly, the more bland and stripped down your name and profile picture, the better. Your account is less likely to grab someone’s attention if you keep it simple.

1. Create An Email Burner Account

If you want your Facebook account to remain truly anonymous, the first step is to create a new email address. This ensures that your Facebook login information will not be linked to any of your personal information.

If you use your own email address to sign up for Facebook, it may be linked to your personal information, especially if you have used that email address for other accounts. Make sure you use a name and email address that doesn’t contain any characteristics of your real name.

Enter the information to set up your email account, making sure you don’t enter any of your actual personal information.

2. Register On Facebook

When signing up for Facebook, it’s important that you use an email address, not your personal phone number. If you use your phone number, this very important data will be connected to your account, which defeats the objective of having an anonymous account on the platform.

To sign up for Facebook, make sure you are logged out and visit Select the green button Create an account . In L’ mobile app , you can log out of your account (if you already have one) and click on the blue button Create a new account .

3. Enter Your New Account Details

The details you enter in these fields are very important. Make sure you don’t use your real name, email address, or date of birth. By using only fictitious data, you ensure that none of your personal information is linked to your new Facebook account.

Enter your new email address, strong password, fictitious birthday, and preferred gender. Push the button Registration .

When Facebook requests access to contacts during registration, be sure to click “No”. If you click “Yes”, you may appear in the “People You May Know” suggestions for other Facebook users.

You now have a new incognito Facebook profile.

4.Select Your Profile Photo

Since it’s the first thing people see on Facebook when they decide whether or not to interact with you, your profile picture is important. We recommend that you choose an image that will not compromise the anonymity of your account, such as a Facebook avatar or a generic photograph.

A Facebook avatar will allow you to hide your identity and have fun with your profile picture.

If you use a Facebook avatar, you can add personality to your account, while remaining anonymous. If you want to create your own animated profile picture, be sure to read our guide on creating a Facebook avatar.

5. Start Adding Your Friends

Remember the reasons you created that anonymous Facebook account when deciding who to add to your friends list. Add only people you trust – and people who won’t share your new Facebook identity with others.

Sometimes people will notice how many mutual friends they have with you and add you out of curiosity. Whatever the reason, always be careful who you add and confirm on Facebook.

However, you might want to communicate with the people you add so that they know who you are.

We suggest that you send individual private messages to your friends and family. That way, they’ll know that the mysterious profile that’s trying to add them is actually you under a pseudonym.

6. Confirm Your Account

Facebook will ask you to confirm your account. You can do this by email or with a phone number and Facebook will send you a unique confirmation code.

We strongly suggest that you confirm your account with your burner’s email address and not your real phone number . This will prevent your personal information from being linked to this incognito Facebook profile.

You are ready. Enjoy the privacy and freedom of having an anonymous Facebook profile!

Keep Your Profile Private

To keep your new anonymous Facebook profile in incognito mode, avoid adding too many people you know, use a pseudonym for your username, and try not to comment or like too many posts from your real friends.

The key to keeping your profile anonymous is to be aware of how you are using your Facebook account.

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Maintain Online Privacy While Using Social Media

An anonymous Facebook account is one of the many ways to secure your privacy online while still participating in social media.

In a world where our personal information has to be captured, you can create an environment where your privacy is protected.

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