How to connect the PS4 controller to a PS5

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Easy to do

What there is to know:

  • Just plug the PS4 controller into your PlayStation 5 to pair it.
  • You can play all PS4 games with the PS4 or PS5 controller.
  • You cannot play PS5 games on the console with a PS4 controller.

This article teaches you how to connect a PlayStation 4 controller to a PlayStation 5 console. It also explains any limitations or restrictions that exist.

Wondering if PS4 controllers will work on PS5? You are lucky. It is very easy to connect a PlayStation 4 controller to a PS5 as long as you follow these key steps on what to do.

  1. Get your PlayStation 4 controller and connect it to the PS5 console with the included charging cable.
  2. Press the PS button in the middle of your Playstation 4 controller to activate the controller.
  3. Choose a user to associate the controller with on the console.
  4. The controller is now connected to your PlayStation 5 console.

You can unplug the controller from the charging cable and it will still work with the console.

What can I do with a PS4 controller on a Playstation 5?

The main reason for using a PS4 controller on a PlayStation 5 is so that you can easily play PS4 games. You can already do this with a PS5 DualSense controller, but if you are looking to play PS4 multiplayer games and only have one PS5 controller, this is a good way to allow more than one of them. you are playing a game. If you just prefer the feel of the PlayStation 4 controller, it can come in handy too.

You can also use a PS4 controller to navigate the PlayStation 5 dashboard menus, the experience for the most part being the same as using a PlayStation 5 controller.

This applies to both official dualshock 4 controllers and any third-party PlayStation 4 devices you own.

What can I do with a PS4 controller on a Playstation 5?

You cannot play PlayStation 5 games with a PlayStation 4 controller. If you try to do so, a warning message appears when you load a game stating that “PS5 games cannot be played using the DUALSHOCK 4 ”.

It’s possible to play PS5 games with a PlayStation 4 controller if you do so through the PS Remote Play app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC / Mac, but it’s just not possible on the console.

Can you use a Playstation 5 controller with the Playstation 4?

In other words, no. The console will not recognize a PlayStation 5 controller, even if you plug it in via the charging cable first. However, it is possible to use the PS Remote Play app to remotely play a Playstation 4 game and use a PlayStation 5 controller connected to your PC / Mac, smartphone or tablet.

There’s not really anything to be gained from this method, but if you only have one controller and just have to use your PlayStation 4 console in some form or another, it’s an option.

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