How to connect the Jabra Elite 85t to laptops, iPhones and MacBooks

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85t Jabra Elite is one of the new wireless headsets from Jabra. And this time around, Jabra did things a little differently. In addition to the ambient sound capabilities, these truly wireless headphones also include ANC or active noise cancellation. You can easily pair them with your Windows laptop and MacBook. The good thing about these buds is their passive sound insulation.

So even if you don’t turn on ANC, you can quietly do your work without distraction while listening to your favorite songs. And the same goes for calls and online meetings. So if you are looking for ways to connect your Jabra Elite 85t to your Windows laptop, Apple iPhone or MacBook, here is how to do it.

Connecting the Elite 85t isn’t rocket science, as long as you have a working Bluetooth card on your PC or laptop.

  1. Open the settings on your laptop by pressing Windows + I keys simultaneously. Select Devices> Add Bluetooth or other devices and select Bluetooth from the menu.
  2. Meanwhile, open the Elite 85t earphones charging case and hold the buttons on the earphones until you see them flashing.
  3. When finished, close the charging case cover for a few seconds to complete the reset process.
  4. After you reset the headphones, you will see them appear in the Bluetooth menu on your Windows laptop. Select it and that’s it.

Your headphones are now connected to your laptop.

Controls and ANC for Windows

The best part about connecting to your laptop or Windows PC is that you can activate both ANC and HearThrough (ambient sound) via the buttons. Plus, you’ll be able to play and pause songs even if you don’t have a dedicated Windows app.

All you have to do is press the left button for ANC and HearThrough. And a tap on the right button to play / pause music. Simple, right?

However, Windows pairing is not perfect. One of the limitations is that you won’t be able to customize and modify button actions. You also won’t be able to enjoy dedicated audio modes on your PC like you can on your Android phone.

Okay, let me put it there. Connecting the Elite 85t to your iPhone is as easy as pie as the Jabra Sound + app guides you through the process.

  • Before pairing them with your iPhone, make sure the headphones are reset. Otherwise, just do it by holding and pressing the buttons on the headphones until the LED lights flash blue.
  • Open the Sound + app on your iPhone and select Elite 85t from the menu to start scanning. If the gems are close to each other, you will see the name appear in the menu.

Tap the name and that’s it. The Elite 85t headphones are now connected to your iPhone.

Controls and ANC for iPhone

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the Jabra Elite 85t companion app works well on the iPhone. So not only will you get all the controls, but you can customize the controls as well. You will be able to cycle through the Moments or change the EQ to your liking.

To customize the actions of the buttons on the headset, tap the Settings gear in the upper right corner and select Personalize your headset> My controls> My media controls.

Once inside, select the action you want to change and choose the required action. You can do this for both heads.

Again, you will need to reset the gems when you begin the mating process.

Un the headphones are reset, open the Action Center on your Mac (upper right corner).

And while you’re doing that, the headphones should stay close to your Mac. So select Bluetooth> Bluetooth preferences.

If the headphones are in pairing mode, they will appear under Devices.

Click on the Connect button and that’s it. Simple, right?

Controls and ANC for MAC

Here, too, you can use the default button actions. For example, the Elite 85t lets you cycle through HearThrough and ANC modes with just one click.

Or you can turn off the sound modes. However, you will not be able to modify the actions according to your choice.

Personalize your moments

The Sound + app comes with many tweaks and customization options, including Moments. The Moments function allows you to set the degree of ANC or HearThrough according to your preference. For now, you can set the rank of ANC and Hearthrough to 0 and 5.

To record a particular moment, select a particular mode (Focus or Commute) and drag the sliders for ANC and HearThrough to your liking.

For example, if you want ANC to be full throttle in Focus mode and HearThrough at zero when you are working, drag the sliders and hit the Record button.

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