how to configure the router and reestablish the connection

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The address is an IP which serves as a gateway to access the router settings. It works well with different brands, Linksys being one of the most recognized. You must access this space to make settings such as changing the password WiFi, because the default is a very insecure option. Likewise, the name of the Wi-Fi access point can also be personalized.

From the configuration menu various security settings possible which enable manage network access in different ways. This will to guarantee the quality of the connection for those who are authorized to use it. Among these, the possibility of restricting access to previously identified devices or of authorizing the use of the network only for these specific computers stands out.

What IP address is it

This is the address assigned by default to most Linksys routers, one of the most popular brands selling this technology. This is an IP address that is used to identify the router’s route for receiving data and connecting to the network, which connects to devices that use the retransmitted signal. This private IP address is the Default Gateway to access To equipment configuration.

To access the router settings must be logged in from web browser and the steps to be carried out are very simple, they are indicated below:

  1. To start, switch on the equipment if it’s off and connect it to the computer using an Ethernet cable. Although there are computers that allow wireless router configuration, Linksys has this option disabled by default.
  2. Open web browser preferably.
  3. Enter ““In the address bar, in some cases, that number is
  4. Enter username and password. One of the most common user names is “admin”, but there are different combinations to try.

The procedure for configuring the router is quite simple, is to change the access password, the name of the WiFi point, among other basic options. It is important to consider that the name of the options varies depending on the equipment, but the ones that need to be done are basically the same.

Change Password

The first step is to change the password to prevent anyone from having access to this configuration space. This is done from the section “Administration“, On some computers it can be found as”User Management“Or”Access control”.

  1. Simply enter the new password and confirm it.
  2. Hurry “SAVE”To save the new password.How to change the password for the router configuration

To note: the menu may have a different name and the appearance of the platform may vary slightly. On another side, old key can be requested before introducing the new one, for security reasons.

Customize the WiFi name

Another basic aspect to customize is the network access name, which identifies it when users try to connect. To modify it, just to look for SSID settings, which can be located in a tab calledWLAN“,”Wireless“Or”Network”. You just need to change the one assigned by default and make sure it is easy to recognize.

Some routers are dual band, so two different networks are generated to connect, which are 2.4G and 5.G. In that case, the SSID of both networks must be changed and try to identify them somehow. In this way, it will be possible to connect to the appropriate network according to what is required, without confusion between them.

Change the Wi-Fi password

This setting can be done in the same section where the WiFi name is changed or in the “Security”. Although it has different names, it must be look for the indicationWPA” and “WPA2”, Since this is the technical name of the WiFi password. Once this menu is located, all you have to do is you need to change the predefined password for one that’s easy to remember, but hard to guess at the same time.

Filter access by MAC

How to configure the filter by WiFi MAC address
A great alternative to improve the security of the WiFi network is to add a filter by MAC address (used to identify devices). Say function allows you to choose which devices can be connected at the access point, by blocking those who want to be refused the connection or by activating this possibility exclusively for a few. This option is found with the name “MAC filter“,”MAC address filter“Or similar.

Depending on the model, this function may be found in the general WiFi or security settings. On the other hand, it is important to know that know the MAC address from a mobile device, just look in the settings menu in the option “About the phone”. In case you want to know the MAC address of a PC, you just need to run the command “ipconfig”On the console and search for it.

To note: some teams include the possibility of applying parental control and choose a schedule when devices will have access to the Wi-Fi connection.

To change the channel

The configuration menu includes the possibility of changing channels, the default setting allows you to choose the most suitable channel automatically. In some cases, The connection issues can be solved by changing the channel, because the one that is normally used is saturated. Just look for the option that says “Channel”.

On the other hand, there is tools to identify which channel is less saturated available. One of the most recommended today is called “Wifi analyzer“And fulfills this function perfectly. To install it, simply follow this link to the Play Store from an Android device and tap “To install”.

Restart the PC

How to restart the router from the configuration
Another great tip for reestablishing the connection when a problem arises is to restart the computer. In this sense, it is important differentiate between current settings and factory reset. The first will be used to turn off the router and turn it back on, while the second will change the settings by resetting all data to the way they were when the device was purchased.

In some cases, the factory mode will disconnect logged in users, which will only be useful if they do not know the access data with the factory password. In any case, it is preferable to put a new password. This option is in the sectionSystem restart“Which is in the network setup or in the maintenance area.

What is the username and password

What is the username and password of the router
To know the access data
to configure just check the router label. The password and user are located near the gateway, which is usually the IP address In some cases, a website is displayed instead of the IP address, which means that in order to access the router configuration you must enter this page with the given username and password.

Frequent combinations

It is also possible to try some common username / password combinations between the different telecommunications companies, which are as follows:

  • administrator / 1234.
  • administrator / administrator.
  • user / user.
  • password / password.
  • administrator password.
  • user password.
  • vodafone / vodafone.
  • jazztel / jazztel.
  • masmovil / masmovil.

Enter router configuration by the catwalk is very useful for most users (some use another method assigned by the company), because used to make basic settings and re-establish connection when problems arise.

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