How to configure and use MyIPTV Player in Windows 10

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MyIPTV Player is one of the excellent IPTV player which allows you to load your favorite m3u playlist and start watching shows too. The player is accompanied by an EPG (electronic program guide) which makes it easier to change the channel. MyIPTV Player doesn’t really contain a playlist or content. It only plays videos or TV shows downloaded as m3u playlist through users. Besides streaming from m3u playlist, MyIPTV also allows us to broadcast live HTTP streaming links. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Configure and Use MyIPTV Player in Windows 10. Let’s Get Started!

Even if you don’t have cable TV at home, at work, or on the go. Then you can still watch TV channels on your computer as long as you have an active internet connection. And you can also do it for free through IPTV software applications.

One of the best IPTV tools in the industry is MyIPTV player also. It is actually a free media player that also supports EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and IPTV channels. You just need to use M3U playlist from local file or URL to load channels and also start watching TV on your desktop, mobile, tablet or Xbox.

You can download MyIPTV Player for Windows 10 or Xbox One of Microsoft Store. Just keep in mind that while it is also a Store app. It does not work with older versions of the operating system such as Windows 8 or 8.1.

Also, you might see ads in the right sidebar because the app is ad supported. You should also know that MyIPTV Player does not really give IPTV service. This means that it doesn’t have any IPTV channels or streaming URLs so you need to get them elsewhere as well.


  • You can group the channel with the help of managing channel groups.
  • Favorites can also be added and managed easily.
  • You can search and play the channels you want to watch.
  • There is also an option to filter channels as well.
  • You can easily load m3u playlist from local storage.
  • There is also a separate download center for on-demand videos.
  • Integrated EPG for easy access to channels too.

  • Head to the Settings section and press Add new playlist and EPG source.
  • Just load a list of local or remote channels. If you are not sure, visit this GitHub page to get an IPTV link and add it to the Remote Channel List URL. Then just specify a Remote channel list name, Press on Add a remote list, then return to Settings Region.
  • Choose channel playlist via name in menu and click Refresh.
  • Access Canals section, then tap a channel to watch it live.

You can also record videos from channels then download video files on demand, filter channels by type so that you can locate them more easily. Also add and manage favorites, as well as program guides for particular channels. If you share your device with other family members. Then it is possible to hide adult channels or set up a PIN code to lock the app and prevent it from playing channels.

MyIPTV Player also has a backup measure prepared in case some videos could not be played as well. It also has a built-in feature to actually use the VLC media player.

Further away

If you want to know guys how to add favorites on MyIPTV Player for instant access, then it’s really simple:

  • Right-click on a channel from the Canals listing.
  • Choose from Add to favorites. You can add as many favorites as you want.
  • Head to the Favorites section to access the channel.

Many users face delays and other streaming issues while using this IPTV app. If you think how you can prevent buffering in MyIPTV Player. Then start by checking your Internet connection as well as updating your graphics and network drivers.

If you enable VLC from settings section, you can adjust network caching within milliseconds.


Is IPTV illegal?

In short, not all IPTV services are legal. There are many services that broadcast channels without even their permission. These are really easy to spot because they are anonymous and not really easy to find.

Can you record on IPTV?

MyIPTV Player offers you the possibility to record channels. Just like an IPTV DVR, you can use this tool to record and play IPTV content. But, make sure that you are not violating any copyright agreement by doing so. Most importantly, don’t just share the recorded content with others, as this could be considered copyright infringement.

How to avoid buffering in MyIPTV Player?

There are many actions you can take to ensure that your MyIPTV Player stream is not buffering. Just check your internet connection and make sure you are not running any bandwidth-hungry programs. And close any memory hungry application and always run MyIPTV Player on supported hardware.


Okay, that was all folks! I hope you enjoy this article and that it is useful to you as well. Give us your opinion on it. Also, if you have other questions and issues related to this article. So let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a nice day!

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