How to Compose Email Faster with Text Predictions in Outlook

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When we have to write too many emails, there comes a time when a little help getting it done faster would help. Microsoft email has a feature that will allow us to write more agile and save a lot of time. But how can we Write an e-mail After Fast with predictions of text at Outlook?

You can find several functions when writing an email, the possibility of changing the language of Outlook, adding a signature, spell checking, etc. The function that allows us to write faster can be activated and used both in the web version and in the desktop client. This way, we can write multiple emails in half the time, using the text predictions you have to offer us.

We will click on File> Options. In the left sidebar we will have to go to “Mail” and then on the right side, just below Compose messages, we will check the box “Show text predictions as you type”.

We’re going to click “OK” just in the lower right corner of the screen and that’s it.

Turn on predictions in Outlook on the web

We can also do this from Outlook from the website. We will have to go to “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then we will have to go to the bottom of the sidebar and click on “View all Outlook settings”. In the left bar, we will click on “Mail” then on “Dial and answer“.

Turn on Outlook predictions on the web.

We’ll scroll down in the “Write and Respond” section until we find the “Text Predictions” option and mark the “Suggest words or phrases as I write” feature.

Then we press the “X” located in the upper right corner of the screen to save and close the settings.

The The text prediction feature works the same in the desktop app as it does on the web. As we write you will see that a suggested text appears on the right which is grayed out with a “Tab” icon.

Text predictions in emails.

Basically to be able accept a text prediction We will have to press the “Tab” button that is above “Caps Lock” or the arrow to the right. If you don’t want to accept a prediction, just ignore the icon and continue typing as normal. In this way, it is easier and faster to write an email thanks to Outlook’s text predictions.

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